Surprise Attack; New Pet

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Hey writers,

Do you know what house centipedes are? Those multi-legged monsters that look like the next generation of weaponized spider, and move with the speed of a gazelle? I found one in my apartment last night and a scuffle ensued. Afterward, as we sat there looking at each other, beaten and exhausted, I felt a little bad for Clyde him, and the following prompt bubbled to the surface.

Intruders aside, here’s the latest news about moving forward: Every week, I'll go through and pick a great story to call out in an entry as a "Notable Story of the Week." At the end of every month, we'll have the usual swag-off, and I'll rotate my co-judges to keep the perspectives fresh (I'll also get a logo drawn up for the winners, in case they have websites they want to use it on).

Yours in writing,


PROMPT:Surprise Attack; New Pet
In 500 words or less, funny, sad or stirring:

Something unexpected attacks you. Now, you have to decide whether or not to keep it as a pet.