Weekly Round-Up: Make the Most of Your Writing Life

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Every week our editors publish somewhere between 10 and 15 blog posts—but it can be hard to keep up amidst the busyness of everyday life. To make sure you never miss another post, we've created a new weekly round-up series. Each Saturday, find the previous week's posts all in one place. 

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Tips and Tricks

As always, our posts are filled with practical tips for you to reference throughout the writing process. This week, read 7 Reasons Writers of Serious Novels Should Use Humor in Their Fiction and consider the way using humor affects your writing. After that, check out common writing "rules" that you can ignore or alter, and then learn how to review your plot by making the planning techniques you already use work for you in the revision stage.

Another important aspect of the writing process is the environment you create for yourself. Get the most out of your writing life by joining a supportive writing community, taking care of yourself, and making writing a priority.

2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

Catch up on all PAD Chapbook Challenges from the past week.

  • Day 12: Write a poem that uses the name of a month as the title.
  • Day 13: Write a poem about something that happens regularly.
  • Day 14: Write a dedication poem.
  • Day 15: Write a natural poem or an unnatural poem.
  • Day 16: Write a poem entitled "Play (blank)," replacing the blank with a word or phrase.
  • Day 17: Write a paper poem.
  • Day 18: Write a poem using the words band, logic, pack, web, froth, and clean.


This week's new literary agent alert is for Molly O'Neill of Waxman Leavell Literary Agency. She is looking for young adult and middle-grade fiction.

Other opportunities from this past week include "Your First Ten Pages", a writing boot camp that started on Thursday and runs through tomorrow. But don't worry if you missed out—we have plenty of upcoming boot camps and workshops. Subscribe to our blogs for updates about online opportunities.


20 Most Popular Writing Posts of 2020

We share a lot of writing-related posts throughout the year on the Writer's Digest website. In this post, we've collected the 20 most popular writing posts of 2020.


Carla Malden: Writing With Optimism and Innocence

Screenwriter and author Carla Malden explains why young adult fiction and the '60s go hand-in-hand and how she connected with her main character's voice.


Writing Mistakes Writers Make: Talking About the Work-in-Progress

The Writer's Digest team has witnessed many writing mistakes over the years, so we started this series to help identify them for other writers (along with correction strategies). This week's writing mistake writers make is talking about the work-in-progress.


Greta K. Kelly: Publishing Is a Marathon

Debut author Greta K. Kelly reveals how the idea for her novel sparked and the biggest surprise of her publication journey.

Poetic Forms

Mistress Bradstreet Stanza: Poetic Forms

Poetic Form Fridays are made to share various poetic forms. This week, we look at the Mistress Bradstreet stanza, an invented form of John Berryman.


Capital vs. Capitol (Grammar Rules)

Learn when to use capital vs. capitol with Grammar Rules from the Writer's Digest editors, including a few examples of correct usages.


On Writing to Give Grief Meaning and Write Out of Challenging Situations

Author Lily Dulan explains why writers have to be willing to go to difficult places inside themselves for their writing to make a positive impact on ourselves, others, and the world.


Gerald Brandt: Toeing the Line Between Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Science fiction author Gerald Brandt explains how this new series explores the genre boundary and how he came to find his newest book's focus.


Plot Twist Story Prompts: Moment of Doubt

Every good story needs a nice (or not so nice) turn or two to keep it interesting. This week, have a character experience a moment of doubt.