Hate Carson Daly

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(Note: the title of this blog is not "I Hate Carson Daly" or "So-and-So Hates Carson Daly." It's "Hate Carson Daly," an imperative sentence-- a direct command. I'm telling you: hate Carson Daly. Please.)

Last week, NBC talk show host Carson Daly not only became the only late-night talk show host to cross the picket line to restart his show, he actually sent out an email setting up a phone hotline for a select group of scabs to secretly call in jokes.

In the email, which was posted on The Smoking Gun, Daly said he'd been getting “A TON of my friends and family... calling me, leaving messages,
offering their help with jokes because they know that I don't have any
writers working and hosting a latenight show without them will be
nearly impossible for me."

(You're right, Carson-- it is impossible... that's the whole point. You're supposed to be helping us make the studios see that.)

And when he received a public lashing for re-starting his show, Daly responded by saying, "I feel I have supported my four Guild writers and their strike by
suspending production for a month... While I continue to
support their cause, I can't, in all good conscience, stand by and let
that happen to the vast majority of my loyal staff and crew." (FYI, Carson-- your friends Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, and Conan O'Brien also have loyal staff and crew... and they're paying them themselves during the strike. Also, going back to work does not constitute "supporting their cause.")

But finally, the writers (and anyone who's ever wondered why the hell Carson Daly even has a TV show) have their revenge!

23/6, the snarky news site that boasts itself as having "some of the news, most of the time," has started it's own phone hotline: for all your jokes about Carson Daly. The best calls will then be compiled into an audio file which the 23/6 folks will post on the site. So... interested in bashing America's least recognizable talk show host, a guy who apparently got his own show simply because he once banged Tara Reid? Here's the number:

(866) 236-1977

Pass it on. Tell your friends. Support the writers.

And if you don't hate Carson Daly for being a scab, or spitting on the writers, (or sleeping with Tara Reid-- which, let's be honest, is probably more dangerous and less socially acceptable than crossing the picket line), hate him for running down an innocent striker in an SUV.