Embracing the Possibilities

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As Zac mentioned in his last post, I'll be stepping in here at Promptly--and trying to suppress my envy!--while he's out enjoying a much deserved vacation. I've heard some people say that it takes them several days to truly let go and transition into "vacation mode." Not me. My favorite feeling on vacation is the one you have right at the beginning, on day one, with the whole trip stretching out before you—all those possibilities. In a way, it's sort of like facing the blank page with that blend of uncertainty, expectation and excitement—you can hesitate, or you can dive right in and see where it leads you.

This, then, is the inspiration for today's prompt. What will be your inspiration for completing it?

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You consider the stranger’s odd request and decide to agree. What do you have to lose? And just like that, you’re not alone on your adventure.

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