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A lot of words meaning thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind, encouraging comments many of you left for me. My creative well is slowly beginning to fill again… I am excited to head to the beach this evening where the pace is always slower, where one can recharge by doing less and by being in the moment. I can’t wait to take in the salt air, kiss my family, and hang out in front of a fire with the sound of the waves crashing outside. What else am I grateful for? So much… for friends, family, the good health of my friends and family. For food, wine, conversation. For books and words and the yearning to create. For home, for the ability to always go home, for a walk on the beach, that perfect smooth stone, the beauty of the sea, and that breath you take— that long deep breath that calms you, reminding you that everything will be just fine. I plan to take many of those this weekend. I wish everyone a wonderful, safe holiday. Eat well and enjoy!

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The Morning Walk

There are a lot of words meaning thanks.

Some you can only whisper.

Others you can only sing.

The pewee whistles instead.

The snake turns circles,

the beaver slaps his tail

on the surface of the pond.

The deer in the pinewoods stamps his hoof.

Goldfinches shine as they float through the air.

A person, sometimes, will hum a little Mahler.

Or put arms around old oak tree.

Or take out lovely pencil and notebook to find a few

touching, kissing words.

-Mary Oliver