Will You Be at the Presidential Inauguration? Write & Publish About It

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The March/April 2009 issue of Writer's Digest magazine (which will soon
be available to subscribers and on-sale at newsstands) focuses on
self-publishing, and includes mention of some innovative publishing
models that are starting to heat up. One of them is WeBook,
which is a little difficult to explain (they call it "the home of
community-sourced books), but here's a perfect example of the power of
this model:

WeBook, in honor of the presidential inauguration,
is publishing a collection of Obama inauguration stories, "told by real
people in their own words." You can submit your story anytime between
January 20, 2009 – Midnight EST January 21, 2009, at WeBook.com,
and WeBook wil publish the book within two weeks using digital printing
by CreateSpace (an Amazon company), and sell it for $9.99. All profits
from the project are donated to 826 National, and WeBook is asking contributors to the collection to donate their royalties as well.

Clikc here for the full detail.

You have to sign-up with WeBook to submit your story for
consideration, and if your story is selected, you'll have to sign a
publishing agreement stipulating how you will be paid and what rights
are being purchased. (I was not able to find a copy of such an
agreement, but be sure to read any publishing contract carefully before