Risking Failure (from the Glimmer Train Bulletin)

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Every month, Glimmer Train sends out a monthly bulletin with information about their contests, as well as helpful advice from established writers. In the most recent bulletin (Bulletin 30), you'll find:

Incidentally, the next issue of Writer's Digest magazine (September 2009) will feature an essay from Henkin as well, in the MFA Confidential column.

Here's a little of what Henkin has to say in his Glimmer Train piece:

believe this is one of the most important lessons a writer can learn:
You must always be willing to risk failure. Another lesson: Don't take
rejection personally. So much is luck—finding the right editor at the
right moment when he or she will be receptive to the story you've
submitted. I know this first-hand.

Click here for Bulletin 30 (and to find archives of other bulletins).