New Agent Alert: Julie Dinneen of D4EO Literary

Literary agent Julie Dinneen of D4EO Literary is open to queries! She is seeking literary fiction and upmarket general fiction, women’s fiction, and historical fiction.
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About Julie: After years of editorial work, professional writing of many descriptions, and an internship at The Bent Agency, Julie joined D4EO Literary in 2017 to build her own list of upmarket fiction.

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She is Seeking: Across the board, she’s looking for books that hook her from the very first page, whether it’s the writing, the voice, or some unquantifiable draw that demands her time. Julie is drawn to stories that are exceptionally well-written that star dynamic, unforgettable characters and that appeal to a wide, commercial audience.

She is looking for literary fiction with commercial appeal and beautiful, stand-out writing (The Girls, Cloud Atlas). She’s on the lookout for upmarket general, women’s, and historical fiction her book club will want to spend hours talking about (Big Little Lies, The Nest, Orphan Train). She’d love to discover a new twist on chick lit—think Bridget Jones for millennials—and has a weakness for fun, perfectly-executed beach reads. Julie is also looking for well-written romance, both contemporary and historical. She especially enjoys epic, genre-bending romance (Outlander, The Bronze Horseman) and never says never when it comes to paranormal, although believability and originality are essential.

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Genres she reads less of but will still consider include high-concept YA with blockbuster potential, psychologically complex horror, and female-centric thrillers. In these categories, she’s looking for select projects with storytelling that won’t let go.

How to Submit: To query, please send a query letter and the first ten pages in the body of the email to Her response time is between ten minutes and four weeks.

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