Every Writer Needs a Little Salesperson Inside

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It's not a natural thing for most creative people to sell their work, but when it comes time to publish, you have to know something about how to sell.

You have to put in the effort, make the calls, not get beat down by rejection. (It's why I love this Alec Baldwin video, and my advice based on it.)

I'm definitely not a salesperson by nature. But it didn't take long to learn some basic skills, since my first editorial job depended on convincing salespeople my ideas were worthwhile.

Most writers need a little help in understanding how to pitch their work effectively, and I love being the one to help craft and rework that pitch.

This week I'm teaching an online course that offers an extreme makeover on query letters. You get to submit your 1-page query ahead of time, then you'll see me (in a live session) dissect all the queries into good, OK, and needs revamped.

It's a fun and illuminating process, and you learn the essential principles of selling the story (fiction) or selling an idea (nonfiction).

My goal is that every writer leave this session with a little salesperson inside who can kick into high gear when it's query-writing time.

Go register here if you have a query letter that needs professional attention. The session is this Thurday, November 5, at 1p EDT.