Arthur Golden on Revision

Arthur Golden on Revision
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Hate revising? Revision often leads to success. Just ask Arthur Golden, author of the bestselling Memoirs of a Geisha.

When I started writing Memoirs of a Geisha, I made an acceptable first draft using a third-person point of view, though I didn''t show it around. That took about two years. Shortly after that, I met Mineko, a woman who had been a geisha for many years in the Gion district.

I interviewed her and followed her around Kyoto; what I learned from her took my understanding of a geisha''s daily existence and stood it on its head. I threw out my entire 750-page draft and started from scratch.

I wrote for another few years. I thought I had done a good job ... [but] I got word that the readers (including three friends of mine who were experienced writers) found the manuscript "dry." I realized that I had been holding Sayuri at arm''s length, emotionally, and that was the problem. I started over again in May 1994, writing in the first person this time.

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