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Looking for Your Feedback: What Do Established Writers Need?

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One of the biggest criticisms or complaints about Writer's Digest (usually the magazine) is that it's for wannabes, and that after a few years, the advice/information either becomes repetitive or irrelevant, especially for someone who works at the professional level.

I've been daydreaming about how to develop a new periodical that would offer information and insights for advanced, established, or professional writers/authors, and remain relevant even after achieving publication. (Just to be sure, such a periodical would not serve to replace the current magazine.)

But I need your help to get it right—or to ensure there's a need for it in the first place!

  • What you would need or want in such a publication?
  • What regular columns?
  • What features?
  • Whose viewpoints?
  • What topics?

Leave your recommendations in the comments. (If it appears your comment doesn't stick the first time you submit it, try inputting the code again—your comment will still be in the field, waiting for verification.)

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