Support the Writers Strike, Go To Prom

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Hey, everyone-- this is hilarious...

As you know, NBC has had to cancel the Golden Globes this weekend because they refuse to make a reasonable deal with the Writers Guild... meaning the Guild was planning on picketing the Globes, and-- since the actors support the writers in their quest for a fair deal with the TV and movie studios-- all the TV and movie stars refuse to cross the writers' picket line.

And as if the writers are the ones acting like a-holes, NBC President Ben Silverman (you know-- the guy who's developing a TV series version of Robinson Crusoe) actually said this to E!'s Ryan Seacrest yesterday...

"Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high
school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that
prom alive."

I'm not sure which is more idiotic... that he thinks the writers are to blame for this, or that he just called writers "the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in high school." Not that any of this should be surprising: Silverman's jackass media blunders have landed him in hot water before... like when he hired Isaiah Washington only heartbeats after the actor was fired from Grey's Anatomy for making homophobic comments... or when he claimed he had nothing to do with ousting former NBC president Kevin Reilly-- a man who helped make Silverman a successful producer by standing behind Silverman's then-ailing comedy, The Office-- a claim so spineless it prompted ABC President Steve McPherson to tell Silverman to "be a man."

ANYWAY... to celebrate the PR genius that is Ben Silverman, the Writers Guild is hosting-- you guessed it-- a prom at Ben Silverman High School (aka "B.S. H.S.") (aka "NBC Studios"). Here's the scoop...


When: Thursday, January 17th from 11am-2pm
Where: BS High School (located at 3000 West Alameda in Burbank - often referred to as NBC Studios)
Dress: Prom Formal

And to raise money for the Industry Support Fund, you can buy a Ben Silverman High School T-Shirt just like the one below!...

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