Our Newest Look at Self-Publishing

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The March/April 2009 issue of Writer's Digest magazine is now
available, and it has an in-depth focus on self-publishing. There's an
article by yours truly, that shows you where Writer's Digest stands on
the issue, plus we offer insider perspective from people like O'Reilly's
Joe Wikert and literary agent Andrea Hurst.

To coincide with
this release of this issue, I'm giving a 90-minute live webinar on
self-publishing on Feb. 26. You'll learn if you have what it takes to
successfully self-publish, and get a personal tour of the popular
online tools and sites that can help you. We limit attendance to the first 100. if you'd like to be walked step-by-step
through what's involved with self-publishing, with an opportunity to ask me questions that pertain to your situation, I encourage you to sign
up. (Register here. Link fixed.)