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Pamona Sparrow

Pamona is the owner and founder of Auguries and Alchemy. She recently left a long, stable career in the hair replacement industry to live a life more in tune with her soul. Pamona is dedicated to the success of Auguries and Alchemy and will work hard to ensure your success as well. Pamona is a professional Lenormand reader, lover of tarot and bird divination, a writer and a dancer. She has created the Auguries Bird Oracle deck, which is coming soon. Pamona also practices dance divination. She founded Bewitched Bellydance, an elemental fusion dance form that shows you how to connect to the energy of the elements and use dance in magical practice and divination. Together with her small, passionately dedicated staff, she has created a warm, welcoming environment for magical practitioners, writers, artists, diviners, and creators to get the support they need to share their gifts with the world.