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O.E. Tearmann

O.E. Tearmann is a pen name for a writing duo: Olivia Wylie and E.S. Argentum. Together, they write a possible future full of scrappy resolve, diverse characters, and the power to stand up and work for a better world. You can read more at The “O” in O.E. Tearmann, Olivia Wylie (she/her), is a bisexual bi-racial horticulturist who specializes in the restoration of neglected gardens. When the weather keeps her indoors, she enjoys researching and writing about the plant world, the future, and the complexities of being human. Her solo work focuses on illustrated nonfiction showcasing the stories of the plant world, though she likes to throw out a short story for anthologies now and then. She lives in Colorado with a very patient husband and a rather impatient cat. Her solo works appears at, in the We Cryptids anthology, the Rosemary anthology, and a number of Colorado retailers. As the “E” in the O.E. Tearmann writing duo, E.S. Argentum (they/them) brings the same passion for diverse, character-driven stories seen in Aces High, Jokers Wild to their solo work. E.S Argentum’s fantasy and scifi romances center on GLBTQ+ relationships. They have short stories published in multiple anthologies under the pseudonym of Emily Singer, including Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Crossing Colfax and Ultimate Power, from Northwest press. When they’re not writing, they’re generally found playing video games, having existential crises, or napping with their cat. Their work can be viewed at