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About Lynn Dickinson

Lynn Dickinson holds Master’s Degrees in Professional Writing, Communications Management, (both from USC), and Spiritual Psychology (from the University of Santa Monica). She teaches Media Studies at Santa Monica College, and has had both nonfiction, (Living Well in a Nursing Home, Everything You and Your Folks Need to Know), and fiction, (Brother Haters Anonymous), books published, along with multiple screenplay options. Her interests include comedy, spirituality, and Getting Writers Writing! Lynn currently resides in Santa Monica California with her husband, her mostly-off-at-college daughter, two affectionate-when-they’re-hungry cats, and a ridiculous dog. Twitter: @LifesizeLD

What’s Your Ideal Writing Life?

Every writer needs support and encouragement. Lynn Dickinson's advice will support and assist you in creating a powerful and useful writing tool – an effective Vision of your Ideal Writing Life.