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Jera Brown

About Jera Brown

Jera Brown ( roams the country in their RV with two dogs and a bucketful of writing projects to finish. Their agent is currently looking for a home for Sacred and Subversive—a multi-faith nonfiction anthology about queer perspectives on spiritual identities and faith communities. Their column for Rebellious Magazine offers compassionate advice on underreported topics related to sex and relationships. They’re also writing a noir thriller about the impact of opioids and Evangelicalism on a small town in Indiana with their brother, a cozy mystery about mother/daughter psychologists that accidentally solve crimes with their mother, and a memoir about how the Christian value of service led them to BDSM and beyond. Jera just launched Left-Hand Journeys, a podcast on erotic spiritual identities which you can find wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @thejerabrown.