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Jamie S. Margolin

Jamie S. Margolin is a teenage writer who has written articles for Teen Ink. One of them, "Rhinestones & Ribbons: The Truth about Rhythmic Gymnastics," earned an Editors Choice award and was voted #1 by readers. Margolin spends most of her life reading and writing. She plans to make a career out of it, along with environmental conservation. When she’s not at school or writing, she’s in the gym, training. She’s a serious, competitive rhythmic gymnast who has big dreams in the sport. Currently, she is completing her novel about the intricate and highly competitive world of rhythmic gymnastics where talent is extraordinarily easy to find, but a true champion is one in a million. So if she can’t get a spot on the Olympic team, Margolin would be perfectly happy with a spot on the bestseller list. (Preferably somewhere near the top.)