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David Adams Cleveland

David Adams Cleveland is a novelist and art historian. His latest novel, Time’s Betrayal, was named Best Historical Novel of 2017 by Reading the Past. In summer 2014, his second novel, Love’s Attraction, became the top-selling hardcover fiction for Barnes & Noble in New England, and included Love’s Attraction on its list of top novels for 2013. His first novel, With a Gemlike Flame, drew wide praise for its evocation of Venice and the hunt for a lost masterpiece by Raphael. His most recent art history book, A History of American Tonalism, won the Silver Medal in Art History in the Book of the Year Awards, 2010; and Outstanding Academic Title 2011 from the American Library Association; it was the bestselling American art history book in 2011 and 2012. David was a regular reviewer for Artnews, and has written for The Magazine Antiques, the American Art Review, and Dance Magazine. For almost a decade, he was the Arts Editor at Voice of America. He and his wife live in New York where he works as an art adviser with his son, Carter Cleveland, founder of, the new internet site making all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an internet connection. More about David and his publications can be found, here, on his author site