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Science Fiction & Fantasy Today

In the September 2016 Writer’s Digest, a roundtable of four top agents in the speculative genre delves into a deep discussion them. Here in this online exclusive companion we present a few uncut responses we didn’t have space to print.

Rainbow Rowell: Bonus Interview Outtakes

In these outtakes from our May/June 2016 issue, the bestselling writer talks about how her beginnings as a journalist influence her fiction—and how she recently came to apply her novel-writing skills to a screenplay.

Online Exclusive: More Insider’s Guides for 101 Best Websites

Insider’s Guide: Make a Living Writing ( Award-winning freelance writer Carol Tice’s mission is to help writers earn more money for their work. Read the site’s many free expert articles and sign up for her free e-book, 100+ Freelance Writing Questions, Answered. (Courses and mentor programs are also available for a...

Even True Stories Must End

In “Goodbye to All That,” (from the March/April issue of Writer's Digest), The Deep End of the Ocean author Jacquelyn Mitchard looks closely at how we can arrive at the best possible endings for our fictional stories. In this bonus online sidebar, she offers insight into how these approaches apply to...

David Baldacci: Bonus Interview Outtakes

While many authors struggle to find time to write, for David Baldacci it’s more of a struggle to find time to do something other than write—and an unwelcome one at that, as there’s clearly nothing he’d rather be doing. Since splashing onto the scene with the 1996 Presidential thriller Absolute Power...

Straight Talk With Dennis Lehane

The Mystic River novelist’s latest trilogy—which begins in early 20th-century Boston—concluded this year with World Gone By (WD Interview, Page 46). In our online-exclusive outtakes, he discusses writing truthful fiction about real-life historical figures, racism and other issues of the times.

Series Author Roundtable: Setting As Character

What are real secrets to writing successful series novels? We brought together four bestsellers across a spectrum of genres to find out. The idea of writing a series is tempting. After all, it seems as though half the bestsellers on today’s bookshelves are new installments in popular series—books that are all...