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The Top 10 Publishing Insiders (& Outsiders) to Follow Online


We’ve compiled a list of 10 people who are “must-follows” when it comes to getting the inside track on publishing news. We also have a bonus list at the bottom of all the Writer’s Digest editors who are online and constantly sharing great tips, advice and news on writing. If you’re looking for the best people to follow online, these lists are an excellent starting point. Read more

Ask the Pro: Literary Agent Adriana Dominguez Discuses Queries and More

Literary agent Adriana Dominguez is looking for manuscripts. Find out what kind, learn about the most common mistakes she sees in query letters and more. Read more

Your Straight-Forward Guide to Publication

Are you headed down the right road toward getting published? Have you lost your way? Use this guide to assess where you are on your journey—and how to know when it’s time to change course. Read more

How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Online Marketing Efforts

Today I’m a guest over at Writer Unboxed. I discuss 5 reasons why your online marketing might not work. Here’s a snippet: 1. It’s not personal. None of us like impersonal message blasts. … Read more

The Value of Experimentation

I’ve recently come to know and appreciate Brad King‘s work, both as an innovative media professional, as well as a university professor. So I’ve been keeping an eye on a project that he … Read more

Looking Into the Future of Bookstores: 4 Angles

There’s lots of emotional activity over on my Facebook page—and everywhere else online!—about the future of bookstores. Some of the activity feels like examining the veins of the leaves on trees (e.g., I … Read more

Borders Failure Is a Small Part of Bigger Phenomenon

Today I was on NPR’s Morning Edition, offering my take on the Borders’ liquidation. Click here to listen. Many of my colleagues insist Borders’ failure had nothing to do with e-books. Yes, … Read more

Why Take the Time to Read Your Work Out Loud?

On July 11, I was a featured speaker at True Theatre. True Theatre is a Cincinnati storytelling event, where everyday people tell true stories about their lives to a general audience. Each … Read more

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 7/15/11)

  I watch Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit each Sunday for the week’s best Tweets. If I missed a great Tweet, leave it in the comments. Best of Best Put … Read more

More and More Days

Today’s guest post is by longtime NO RULES favorite Darrelyn Saloom. Follow her on Twitter, or read her previous guest posts. I have never met Cynthia Newberry Martin (pictured above), but it … Read more

Creativity Isn’t Magic

Building on a guest post earlier this week by Todd Henry, I wanted to share a recent discovery, Everything Is a Remix. I particularly love part 3, which starts out by saying … Read more

3 Great Blogs for Children’s Writers

I rarely cover the children’s market on this blog, since I haven’t directly worked in that area of publishing and I consider it the province of my colleagues. But here are the … Read more

Seeking Qualified Judges for Writer’s Digest Competition

          The Writer’s Digest competitions department is seeking first-round judges for the Self-Published Book Awards. Judges are responsible for completing critiques due the first week of August. Judges … Read more

Be Strategic in What You Consume to Boost Productivity

Today’s guest post is from Todd Henry, founder and CEO of Accidental Creative, a consulting firm that helps organizations like P&G, Mattel, and State Farm generate creative ideas. He has one of … Read more

The Hidden, Secret Ingredient of Platform: Relationships

      Today I’m a guest over at Marketing Tips, a blog by Tony Eldridge. I try to tackle one of the more difficult aspects of platform, relationships. Here’s a small … Read more

Speed: Writing Fiction That Reads Fast

Today’s guest post is by writer Susan Cushman. Read her personal blog, learn about the 2011 Memphis Creative Nonfiction Workshop, and follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Above: John Brandon signing his … Read more

The Importance of Defamiliarizing Words

                The latest Glimmer Train bulletin is available, and I love this piece by Kevin Haworth on why he started to read poetry to improve … Read more

5 Questions Every Writer Should Ask (Periodically)

      I’m the guest today over at Writer Unboxed, discussing what I think are more important questions to ask than “Do I have talent?” Here’s a brief snippet: I have … Read more

Are Agents Just Looking for an Excuse to Reject Your Work?

Q: Doesn’t it seem like agents are just looking for excuses to reject work? —Anonymous A: Actually, the complete opposite is true. Agents don’t want to reject your work, they want to … Read more

Off on Vacation Through July 8

Tomorrow I fly to Spain, where I’ll spend a few days in Sevilla before continuing onto Fes (Morocco), and wrapping up with a few nights in Barcelona. (Photo above: Me in Barcelona … Read more

A Literary Father's Day Weekend (Part 2)

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m sharing 2 wonderful videos that feature the children of writers, speaking about their dads. Go here to see the first. Today’s video features the children of … Read more

A Literary Father's Day Weekend (Part 1)

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m sharing 2 wonderful videos that feature the children of writers, speaking about their dads. Here’s the first featuring Stanley Elkin, John Gardner, and William Styron. Thanks … Read more

How to Create Free Video Tutorials

This past week, I’ve been in a tech workshop for faculty at the University of Cincinnati. (Yes, even I need to broaden and sharpen my skills!) So I’ll be sharing some of … Read more

Glimmer Train Monthly News

Glimmer Train has just chosen the winning stories for their April Family Matters competition.  This competition is held twice a year and is open to all writers for stories about family.  The … Read more

The Necessity of Failure Plus How "Accidents" Happen

Photo credit: Mindful OneWhile reading Kevin Kelly’s blog (which focuses on technology + the future), I came across this wonderful quote for writers. Lucky accidents seldom happen to writers who don’t work. … Read more

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