Writer’s Digest Yearbook: Novel Writing 2017

Short Training for Your Long Game: Recommended Reading

In the March/April 2017 Writer’s Digest, StoryADay founder Julie Duffy shares how and why short stories can be a fabulous creativity tool, even for writers who are primarily working on a novel. Drawing on experiences from acclaimed writers who ascribe to this practice, including Hugo Award–winning short fiction writer and novelist...

Take 3: Bonus Q&A’s From Fiction Editors

Fifteen fiction editors at top publications answer our trio of questions to get to the heart of what they’re really looking for in short story submissions—and how yours can stand out. Here are bonus responses we didn’t have space to print in the magazine.
Put Your Workday to Work

Put Your Workday to Work : Online Exclusive Extras

COMPILED BY TYLER MOSS & JESSICA STRAWSER How does your day job help your writing? We asked WD readers, and they answered in droves. From story ideas and innovative routines to insider perspectives and useful new skills, the responses in the February 2017 Writer’s Digest are sure to inspire you to...

Debbie Macomber on Writing Romance: “I’ve never felt alone”

Warm and uplifting, yet undeniably real; comforting and familiar, yet surprisingly fresh; relatable and entertaining, yet comically self-deprecating; generous and humble, yet unabashedly successful: If Debbie Macomber herself seems like a living, breathing extension of the heartwarming romance and feel-good women’s fiction titles that have become her trademark, it’s no accident....