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Thinking about self-publishing? Want to be a better, savvier writer? Check out the latest from Writer’s Digest!


Are you interested in self-publishing, but are looking for a service that offers a bit of education in addition to cover design and text layout? If so, consider giving Blue Ash Publishing a look. Read more

The Back Story on Marketing Fiction

By Rob Eagar A survey of 21,000 book shoppers by the Codex Group revealed that the #1 way to attract people to a fiction author’s website is to offer exclusive unpublished writings, … Read more

5 Digital Discoverability Tips

By Rob Eagar Recently, I spoke at the inaugural Discoverability and Marketing Conference hosted by Digital Book World (www.DigitalBookWorld.com) in New York City. The theme of my presentation was “Discoverability starts with … Read more

5 Marketing Lessons from Fly-Fishing

By Rob Eagar In the last year, I took up fly-fishing as a hobby. There’s something surreal and invigorating about standing in the middle of a river. However, catching rainbow trout is no … Read more

3 Steps to Successful Book Marketing – Part 3

By Rob Eagar Earlier, I covered parts one and two of this 3-part series called “3 Successful Steps to Marketing.” To summarize, I’ve explained how effective marketing can be boiled down to three fundamental questions. Whether … Read more

3 Steps to Successful Book Marketing – Part 2

By Rob Eagar Previously, I covered part one of a 3-part series called “Successful Steps to Marketing.” The gist is that effective marketing can be boiled down to three fundamental questions. Whether you’re … Read more

3 Steps to Successful Book Marketing

By Rob Eagar Marketing is a simple process when you boil it down to the fundamentals. Whether you’re a fiction or non-fiction author, you can achieve marketing success following these three simple … Read more

Stop, Look, and Listen for Better Book Marketing

By Rob Eagar Young children are often taught to “stop, look, and listen” before they cross the street. Stop to see what’s in front of you. Look both ways to make sure … Read more

Leak Exclusive Information to Maximize Social Media

By Rob Eagar If you want more people to follow you on social media, get into the habit of “leaking” exclusive offers or inside information that can’t be found anywhere else. By … Read more

How to Control a Media Interview

By Rob Eagar A good way to gauge your interview prowess is by mastering the ability to steer a conversation to only the topics that you want to discuss. Just because a … Read more

Marketing is About Success Not Perfection

By  Rob Eagar Life is about success, not perfection…and so is marketing. Case in point: A few weeks ago, I sent out my weekly newsletter that wound up having a couple of … Read more

Money is All that Matters in Marketing

By Rob Eagar Call me crazy, but I like money. Cash, check, direct deposit, wire transfer…I’ll take it. No, I’m not hyper-materialistic. I just like how money allows me to pay my … Read more

Logos, Brands, and Does It Really Matter?

By Rob Eagar Logos, brands, taglines, slogans…what’s the difference? Some authors think that having a logo means they have a brand. But, these are separate entities. Your brand is a phrase that … Read more

LeBron’s Lessons for Authors

By Rob Eagar I’m a 5-foot, 10-inch man who can barely jump. LeBron James is 6-foot, 8-inch basketball superstar who can jump so high that people wonder if he’s human. So, we’re … Read more

Marketing Lessons from My Father

By Rob Eagar Marketing and sales are in my blood. That’s because I come from a distinguished line of salesmen. My grandfather was in sales. My father was in sales. In college, I … Read more

Happy Authors Embrace Personal Responsibility

By Rob Eagar As humans, we were created to be responsible individuals. We know this is true, because we’re usually happiest when we have responsibility and take care of it, such as … Read more

UPDATED! Success Stories – Gotta love ‘em

UPDATED No sooner had I written the post below than I received a number of great reports, some of which I’ve noted elsewhere. The one I received today comes from Sheri Graz … Read more

Don’t D-Y-I “Do-Yourself-In” with a D-I-Y Mentality

by Rob Eagar I am one of the few original self-publishing success stories. And, I did it way before the advent of e-books, Amazon, and social media. Over 10 years ago, I … Read more

All Marketing is a Felt Need

By Rob Eagar In my work as a marketing consultant, I’ve met numerous authors who work in academic circles, such as counselors, professors, pastors, and specialty book publishers. A common problem among … Read more

Promote Your Book with Power-Bites

By Rob Eagar The more you rely on technology to spread your message, the more you must be brief. We live in a world of smaller screens, smaller attention spans, and smaller … Read more

Does Marketing Your Book Feel Oppressive or Liberating?

Written by Rob Eagar If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Likewise, if you write a book and no … Read more

How to Build Online Community

By Rob Eagar If you want to build a following, especially online, the key is to position yourself as someone who is worth following. The best way to attract a large group … Read more

Amazon Lets Authors Spy on Readers

By Rob Eagar, author of Sell Your Book Like Wildfire Did you know that Amazon lets authors see who is highlighting notes in their books and tweeting content to friends? When someone … Read more

Steal from Yourself for Better Book Marketing

By Rob Eagar When I consult with authors on book marketing issues, a common complaint arises about the need to generate content for free resources, newsletters, and social media pages. The necessity … Read more

Amazon Reviews and the War of the Words

By Rob Eagar The power of the collective voice on Amazon works as a major influence over many people’s buying decisions, especially when it comes to books. For example, if someone recommends … Read more

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