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Author Archives: Jenna Glatzer

10 Basics on How to Nab Your Book a Blurb

Follow the rules of endorsement etiquette to get the names you want on your book jacket.

by Jenna Glatzer

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The 2008 WD Guide to Software for Writers

Here in our annual software round-up, we’ve tested most writing software programs to help you find the best choice for your writing needs.

by Jenna Glatzer
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The Name Game

It was the most painful moment of my fledgling writing career. I had finally landed a “big” book, and the editor wanted to take my name off the cover.  … Can you imagine?

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Promote your work by voicing your way to the top of the radio airwaves. Read more

Hello Neighbor

Break into national magazines by looking for the great human-interest stories in your own town. Read more

Getting into the Glossies

Those big-name magazines with a million-plus readers can be cracked by everyday freelancers, too. These six tips will help you glide past the velvet ropes. Read more

Giving It Away

Information-packed websites, blogs and free chapters are great promotional tools. But it’s possible to give away too much. Here’s the lowdown on what to make free. Read more

What Editors Won’t Tell You (But We Will)

There are some things you‘ll never read about in a publisher‘s writers‘ guidelines. You have to either hang around the editor‘s office and eavesdrop or find a friend who‘s able to extract … Read more

Nice Work—Just Change Everything

What to do when your editor’s “suggestions” make your manuscript look like it’s been through the shredder? Take a deep breath, then
follow these 8 steps.
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Even though his name regularly appears on bestseller lists, Christopher Moore is still known as a cult writer. Find out how he lures fans by marrying the genres of humor and horror. Read more