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Your Story 67—Winners!

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Prompt: Write the opening sentence (just one sentence), of 25 words or fewer, to a story based on the photo to the left.

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or voted in WD’s Your Story 67! Here are the results. The winners, in ranking order, are as follows:

1. Thin, punctured cotton: Useless against a city's winter and meager protection when one witnesses a stranger step from a chipped mural's surface, knife in hand.

2. I reached the tunnel with the vibrant markings—just like the one from my son's crayon drawings—and knew this was where he had gone.

3. Peter strolled, rather bored, through his own consciousness, but his stomach clenched as he came around the bright corner that housed his childhood memories.

4. Walking back through the tunnel to Earth, I wondered how I could possibly convince everyone heaven was only two miles east.

5. The artist lured collectors to his underground show by painting a fresco on the tunnel wall, and then he trapped them...

6. Caleb reflected on the impending juxtaposition of blood and paint even before he pulled the trigger.

7. People say that seeing color for the first time is captivating, awe-inspiring, magical; but they never said that it hurt.

8. As I stumbled out alone, all I could think about was how proud all twelve of us were when we paraded in 84 days ago.

9. He looked so striking silhouetted against the tunnel entrance—like the pupil of some incandescent eye—that he couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.

10. The wash rushed in, and he shielded his eyes as the color pierced the grey tunnels—he knew better than to touch the light.

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