Your Story 57: Winners!

Prompt: Write the opening sentence (25 words or fewer) to a story based on the photo to the left.
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Prompt: Write the opening sentence of 25 words or fewer to a story based on the photo to the left.

Dirty man trying to get up

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or voted in WD’s Your Story #57! Here are the results. The winners in ranking order are as follows:

1. I walked passed a dirty man next to a dumpster today and didn’t give it another thought—until he crawled into my office. (Blaise Tracy)

2. They always thought I took it all too seriously, got too dirty, and went too far, but that’s why there is only one Mouse Whisperer. (Peter Russell)

3. “Time flies when you fly through time,” they assured him; they forgot to mention history leaves one hell of a stain. (Savina Rendina)

4. James Durus’ training as a United States Marine failed to prepare him for the relentless bombardment of chocolate pudding coming from his 2-year-old daughter. (Christopher Scaife)

5. The year I forgot our wedding anniversary was the year I learned my wife could breathe fire. (Elizabeth Fox Kole)

6. Had they buried me six inches deeper and not thrown in the fly rod, the crawl from my grave would have been much more difficult. (Susan Northcott)

7. George was the last survivor in the hospital simply because he’d hidden under the bed like a scared child. (Melanie Welch)

8. Father Derrick Caufield crawled out of hell consumed with a seething hatred for the people who’d sent him there. (Judith Lamb)

9. It’s been 12 days since rain fell and we had enough fresh water for showering, but I must stay fit—our lives depend on it. (Tina Fuster)

10. An aching heart and a bruised past make the best combination for calculated revenge. (Sonal Singh)


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