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Your Story 36 Winners

Write the opening sentence (25 words or fewer) to a story based on the photo prompt.
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Prompt:Write the opening sentence (25 words or fewer) to a story based on the photo prompt.Official Rules

Thanks to everyone for your votes. Here are the results of Your Story # 36. The winners in ranking order are as follows:

1. Larry pondered the nurse's instructions to strip to his undershorts, which seemed odd for an eye exam. (C.W. Spooner)

2. He curiously sat and wondered why a doctor who charges him so much would still have paneled walls. (Megan Tracy)

3. When John was insured, his doctor had a picture of a tropical island on the ceiling, but the county clinic only had water stains. (Kelly Stapleton)

4. Mitchell had not lied his way into a nurse's office since gradeschool when his biggest fear was a man-boy named Julie. (Chinwe Ndubuka)

5. "Finally peace," Harry thought as the tic tock rhythm massaged his fantasy of arsenic laced chocolate coursing through Margret and her bitchy tea cup yorkies. (Michael Micchelli)

6. As his date changed into her nurse's outfit, Kevin considered her bedroom decor and wondered if perhaps he had made a mistake. (Heather Safford)

7. Physical results pending, my OCD starts listing the first 10 reasons for failure: alcoholism, AIDS, arteriosclerosis, autism, Alzheimer's, anthrax, angina, anemia, asbestosis and aspartyglucosaminuria. (Roy I. Steele)

8. Billy waited for the optometrist rehearsing the words, "Hello Juliet, long time no see, no pun intended," hoping twelve years wasn't too long. (Hayley Carmichael)

9. When she asked me to play doctor with her, this was not what I had in mind. (April Hawkes)

10. Prior to the optometrist entering the room, Jerry would have said that his inferior feelings regarding his height had been properly dealt with. (Jason Spoon)


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