Your Story #84: Winners!

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  • Prompt: Write theopening sentence (just one sentence), of 25 words or fewer, to a story based on this photo. (For mobile users, it will appear below.) You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story.

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or voted in WD’s Your Story 84! Here are the results. The top 10 winners are as follows:

1. At breakfast when John asked me, “One lump or two?” I didn’t know I was picking a camel to ride into the sunset.

2. Their camels make a careful line, black stitches across the sand, and she wonders how long she has before it pulls apart.

3. When I let my husband choose our vacation destination this year, I had no idea he was still upset with me for scratching his car.

4. My mother tells me that once long ago this place was the sight of a great city called New York.

5. Dan’s tear dissolved quickly as it became one with the photograph of his wife’s final Safari expedition, the last time she had been seen alive.

6. It was at this point that Doris decided that saving money on a no-frills vacation was a mistake.

7. I've always trusted MapQuest, but now I'm not so sure ...

8. It was seven o'clock in the morning, and already two more from our group had been killed.

9. My parents were the type to believe that salvation always lay over just that next ridge.

10. After five hours plodding across the vast, roasting wilderness, I found I’d been sitting on the missing keys to the van.