Your Story #78: Winners!

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  • Prompt: Write the opening sentence (just one sentence), of 25 words or fewer, to a story based on the photo to the left.You can be funny, poignant, witty, etc.; it is, after all, your story.

Thanks to everyone who entered and/or voted in WD’s Your Story 78! Here are the results. The top 10 winners are as follows:

1. Seven years after the bomb the ash still resembled a Robert Frost poem, but someone had activated the beacon and we had to discover who.

2. She loved winter, when the snow would cover the scorched earth and mix with the grey ash, and they could all forget.

3. The doomsayers got it wrong, our graves weren't unmarked.

4. Muggsy stopped short, suddenly realizing why none of the guards pursued him as he made it over the wall and ran toward the woods.

5. There’s never been signs in the woods by the remote town I live in, but then again there’s never been men in black suits either.

6. It might have been a road sign marking the boundaries between The Here and The Out There, but I needed to get home.

7. There the footsteps stopped.

8. Although meant as a joke, Zac forever changed the world by moving one sign.

9. The tacky prop contamination movie sign wasn't the only warning left behind by the shooting crew.

10. I wish I had known that the radiation sign lining the tour where I met Maya would also serve as a warning for our future.