WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Know Your Pilots

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Hey, everyone--

It's January/February, which-- in television land-- means only thing: PILOT SEASON.

(I know all the networks keep crowing that they're doing "year-round development," and while that's kinda true-- to a certain degree-- the old development/pilot/staffing seasons are still very much in effect. Personally, I don't think the networks will EVER escape those traditional cycles until they get rid of May Upfronts. It just doesn't make sense. As long as they have their gala "coming out parties" each May, there's no real incentive to unveil stuff throughout the year... it's counterproductive. Sure, SOME shows are off-cycle, but the bulk of stuff is still being developed and produced on the regular schedule.)

ANYWAY... it's always tough to track which projects have been officially greenlighted to pilot, but The Hollywood Reporter has two great resources:

1) The Pilot Log, which not only gives updates about pickups and casting, but also has links to all the cable and broadcast development slates so you can see what each network has greenlit.

2) James Hibberd does a great job of following this stuff on his blog, The Live Feed. Here's a link to "Know Your Pilots," an ongoing report of what scripts the broadcasters have picked up to pilot, along with James' witty/snarky commentary... check it out!

(P.S. Even aside from his pilot monitoring, James' "The Live Feed" is a great blog for any TV addict who likes to stay on top of recent TV developments... totally worth subscribing to...)