Live from the Wanda Sykes Show...

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I've been meaning to write about this for the past couple of weeks, but I wanted to let you all know about the premiere of the new show I'm working on... "The Wanda Sykes Show," FOX's new late night talk show which premieres tomorrow night, November 7, at 11 pm (EST).

I’ve been a huge Wanda fan for years, so I was thrilled
about the chance to work with her.
For me, Wanda’s at her best when she’s serving as the voice of the
everyman, breaking down large social and political ideas into hilariously simple,
digestible, no-bullshit bites and articulating thoughts and questions
everyone’s thinking but is afraid to ask.

This is my first time working on a network late-night talk
show. (I produced a late-night talk
show pilot for E! a couple years ago, but this is a whole different ballgame…)

The show mixes traditional talk show elements, like the
opening monologue, with dashes of “The Daily Show,” “Real Time with Bill
and “Chelsea Lately.”It’s
got a bit of everything: one act makes fun of that week’s news and clips,
another has Wanda and a panel of guests debating controversial social topics.

I work with the writers, putting together all the clip-based
segments… finding the clips, developing sketches or jokes around them, etc.

So far it’s been a great time… a lot of hard work and late
nights as we figure out how the show plays, what works/what doesn’t, which
sketches fit with Wanda’s voice… but an incredible experience.This writing staff has some of the most
talented writers I’ve ever worked with… watching them brainstorm, pitch, and
punch the jokes is an incredible education.

Anyway, over the next few weeks and months, I hope to be
able to bring you first-hand reports from the world of production, as well as interviews
and advice from the writers and staff.
And if you have questions, please email them in… and if I can’t answer
them myself, I’m sure someone here can!

In the mean time, here’s one of my favorite Wanda stand-up