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Want to hear what others are saying about WD events? Check out these testimonials from attendees of our Writer’s Digest
Editor Intensive Events.

"Just wanted to say thank you again for the insights you shared at the WD Intensive last weekend. You did a great job of balancing business and creative topics. I'm still digesting most of the information. I did go home and start a Wordpress blog ( if you want to check it out)."
—Jaime Bitzenhofer, Cincinnati, OH"Thank you so much for a great workshop this weekend. For me, so much of learning how to write fiction has been a process of doing it wrong (at least once) and heading down side roads that go nowhere and take hours, days, weeks . . . I feel like you've given me a map, which will definitely make the journey easier." —Sally Bayless

"This weekend was great and had the perfect information that I needed as an amateur writer to understand the options to get my manuscript to the right readers. I have always written as a hobby but it is a secret of mine. The idea of finding an agent and/or publisher seemed daunting and arbitrary. After this weekend, I am prepared to cut through the red tape to find an agent and additionally online/self-publishing appeals as an ideal place to dabble, test, and have fun—and completely risk-free. 

I have chatted with more friends about my interest and found some kindred spirits. All in all—I got a hell of a lot out of my trip to Cincy.

I wasn't disappointed on any anticipated outcomes AND I got a lot more on some areas that I kind of wrote off unknowingly. You were very impressive. Your ability to hear the question behind the question showed that you understood what we thought/wanted and you gave diplomatic and useful answers, the kind that provoked positive and progressive action."
—Lisa Arnopp, Fayetteville, AR"I want to send a thank-you note to Zac for his help at the one-on-one. I will never be able to really express the jolt of confidence he gave me. I was about to abandon ship altogether. Thanks again for everything. I am pressing on, have a completed first revised draft, re-reading again, and have my book club lined up to be beta testers—and this is all because of your workshop."
—Genie Ford

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