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20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards-Poetry

Thank you to all the participants in our 20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. Please see below for a list of books entered into the Poetry category.

A fox peeks out: poems
Ravi Chandra

A Journey of Faith
Betty Brown Simm

A Poetic Tribute to the Young'uns Who Lunched with Oprah
Revonne Leach-Johnson & Cassandra Leach-Woods

A Poet's Kingdom
Joseph P. Policape

A Step in Time
Ruth Steinberg

A Summit of Tumultuous Winds
Winnie Khaw

A Touch of Reality
Lorie Drew

A Way to View Life
Donna L. Holberg

After a Little Stint In a Little War
Michael Stuart Burns

"After The Tornadoes, Reflections for Recovery"
Janet Johnson Anderson

All That's Left
Rosalind Brenner

All These Houses Next to Mine
Jeremy Long

Ashened Rapture
Wheston Chancellor Grove

Better Days
Rachel Hamilton

David Wagner

Breakfast at the Brass Compass 200
Carol Willette Bachofner

Changing Moods
Jon M. Nelson

Colorless Society (A Collage of Thought)
J.P. Bartley

Conversing with the Spirits
James P. Kain

Death And Morning
Richard Atwood

Don't Curse the Verse
Vanessa Kristovich

Dreams of the Beginning
Rana Bitar

Embers under my skin
Albert Russo

Epic Mahabharata
Gandharva Raja

epiphany and revelation
Joel Belland

Epistemology:Poetic expressions of epistemological thought
Yolonda Bailey

"Expressions of Mind, Body and Soul"
LaDonna M. Cook

George Comeaux

First Poem of Words
Jef Harris

Flowers in Hell
Juanita Brown

B. Salvin

Found and Lost
Leigh Giza

Free on Sundays!
Lucille Thompson

Goin'Down Above and Up Under
Jad J Jacob

Healing in a Word
George E. Samuels

Homage to Carl Rakosi
Laurence W. Thomas

How to Build a Better Mousetrap: Recollections and Reflections of a Family Caregiver
Abbie Johnson Taylor

Hunter Johnson Presents...The News
Willie Jerome Johnson Jr.

I Had To Go There To Get Here
Phyllis Ames-Bey

I Write in theGreenhouse 2011
Carol Willette Bachofner

I'm The Guy The Bartender Tells His Troubles To
Bill Brashears

Patricia M. Bisgrove

In Their Boots: Poems Inspired By soldiers and Their Loved Ones Book Two: Family
G. Mark LaFrancis

George Comeaux

Kaleidoscope for Gerries
Phyllis K. - penname; Blair_Semdroth

Kaleidoscopt for Kids
Phyllis K. - penname; Blair_Semdroth

Life is Poetry in Motion
Frank W. Greene

Life Through My Glasses
Herbert Siegel

"like smoke rising, like wind"
Kathleen Grimaldi

Line of Absurdity
Bill Copeland

"Lord, Sometimes You Love Me Like A Man Whose Done Me Wrong"
Trudie Nash

Lost and Found
Anthony Bardes

Lyrical Space: Poetry and Art
C. Quill Bowers

Mangoes in the Sea
Joey Solomon Everest

Meet Me At The Sweat Lodge
Vincent Kevin Jones

Memories and Mirages
Abie Alexander

Memories: A Collection of Poems and Essays
Tanya Hochschild

Mind Over Me
Tammy L Malone

Minding Silence: Selected & New Poems
Daril Bentley

Verna Lee Hinegardner

Mourning Tide
Willis Baker

"My Pen, My Voice"
Vanessa Grillone

"New York Dreaming: Poems of the City, the Suburbs, and Daily Life"
Leslie-Anne Brill

"Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes"
C L Gillmore

Old Moon
Debra K. Gordon (McElroy)

Dan Collins

"One Year in Spain, Poems"
Migel Jayasinghe

Opaque Memories of War
Gary Geister

Our Own Special Country
Dorothy Gray;

Passion of the Dance
Alessandra West

Pastoral Sacred Poems
Mae Nell James

April Cunningham

Poem: A Warrior King
Gil Rogers

Poems for Temple: Ecstasy after the Apocalypse
Katherine Journeay

Poems from an Old White Broad
M. L. Edson

Poems From the Heart
Patina V. Waters

Poetic License
Ben Sheldon

Poetic Potpourri
Marc Mullo

Poetry Books Don't Sell!
"Harry E. Gilleland, Jr"

Poetry for the Hip Hop at Heart
Mickey Bey

Poetry for the Open Mind
Christine D. Patterson

Questions in the Balance; The Lyrical Poetry of Christopher W. Boyden
Christopher W. Boyden

Eric Foster Rhodes

Roses for Mother
Catherine Whelchel

Rumble Strips
Delcia Mendez

Say Not What If
Andrew Friedman

Scraps of Faith
Lucius Furius

Joy Karel Lyn

Selected Poems
Donald J. Young

"SENSATIONS: A Little Book of Love, Inspiration & Poetic Contemplations"
Dawn Armstrong

Shades of a Poet's Soul
J.D. Garrett

Christopher Kuhl

Sipping Memories
Michal Mahgerefteh

Soul of a Warrior
Sarah Ginty

"Spectrum, A Poetry Memoir"
Rachel Wright

Spilled: A Collection by the Dry River Poets
"Dry River Poets - Wynne Brown, Nan Coleman, Betty Creath, Larry Cronin, Annabelle Deutscher, etc"

Spreading Chestnut Wisdom
Rex B. Valentine

Ruth D. Dewey

Staring Blue Eyes
Daryl Ross Halencak


Strange and Lovely Stuff
Sam McCarver

Tangible Remains
Linda Principe

The Butterfly Silhouette
Jeanne Marian Nangle

The Carving Out of a Butterfly's Wings Part I

The Girl With The Cullender On Her Head
Con Chapman

The Lament
Ercell H. Hoffman

The Man: A Poet's Vision of Jesus
Ann Wright

"The Seeker Is The Sought: Poems of Lovers' Joys, Lovers' Empowerment: Poems 1970 -2010"
Marvin Richard Montney

The Sky Inside You
Marco Moreno Flores

"The Tidal Heart, and other poems"
Nola Perez

The Twelve Poems Of Knowledge

The Walk of Life
B. H. Hamilton

The Wildflower and the Honey Bee
Maria Psanis

Then & Now: An Intersection
Jason Watanabe

Time - A Collection of Poems
Stephen Wagner

Times In Rhyme With Reason
Donald G. Henkel

Too Personal for Words
Bonnie Buckley Maldonado

Transmissions To The Mystic Nebula
Christopher Vera

Twisted Velvet Chains
Jessica Bell

Unnatural History
Liana Joy Christensen and Marie Lochman

Vespers East & West
David T. Johannesen

Joseph Ramski

Walk With Me
Janine D. Robinson

Diane Sherman

Walks Along a Hidden Creek
Matthieu Devaux

Water People
Annie DeBauche

Weathered Wisdom
William R. Jackson

What I Said to Prove I Was Sane
Michael Yots

What's Left Behind
Michal Mahgerefteh

When You Feel & Don't Know How to Say
Estefania Crespo

With Open Eyes: A Poetic Journey through Love
Leah Cast

with the blood of butterflies
Roy Clark Dickson

Wrapped Up In Life With Omniscient Eyes
Sandra Proto

Children's Picture books
Genre Fiction
Life Stories
Mainstream/Literary Fiction
Middle-Grade/Young Adult books
Reference Books

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