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20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards-Middle-Grade/Young Adult books

Thank you to all the participants in our 20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. Please see below for a list of books entered into the Middle-Grade/Young Adult category.

A Cappella
Tanya Jennings Keenan

A Faint Echo
J. A. Sedler

A Gap in the Fence
Dorothy Edgington

A New Leash on Life
Erna Mueller

Lisa A. McCombs

Alchemy Jones and the Source of Magic
Gregory A. Boyd

Alex Mortimer & The Beast of Wildeor

Aliens in Disguise - Rise of the Heroes
Matthew Montgomery aka M.M. Scott

Allegiance of a Soldier
Kyle Newton

Anne Eliot

Amethyst Eyes
Debbie Brown

Amy's Big Day
Jennele Nejman

Arkeepers:Episode Four: Guardians
W.J. Madsen

Arkeepers:Episode One: Keepers
W.J. Madsen

Arkeepers:Episode Three: Darkeepers
W.J. Madsen

Arkeepers:Episode Two: Angeliks
W.J. Madsen

azad: a flight of desi fantasy
Sanjiv Behera

Banshee Worm King: Book Five of the Oz Chronicles
R.W. Ridley

Barf For Lunch
Lee Mandel

Beaner Princess and the Flower Wars
Heather Marsh

Bearing Northeast
Henry Melton

Because of the Moon
C.J. Cutayne

Becoming A Butterfly
Mia Castile

"Bit Players, Has-Been Actors and Other Posers"
S.M. Stevens

BITE Book 1: Christine
Klay White

Borrowed Heart: Book One of the Evie Sanders Series
Linda Lamberson

Bottom Bridge
Wesley C. Wells

Bree's Fire
Brigitte Goulard

Brenden Swift and the Vulgren's Curse
Joe Taucher;
Jim Gilmore

Calling Extra
Kristina Romero

Candy Around the World
Stacy Cacciatore

"Cassie Meets Melvin: A story about love, snack food and world domination"
L.M.T. Balster

Chasing Normal
T. L. Hoch

Chicago Times: The Light
Shannon Simmons

Closer to Gods
MaryAnn Lockard

Hannah L. Clark

Ann Aschauer

Dancing on the Inside
Glen C. Strathy

Susan Crouse Schneider

Deliberate: Living Your Life On Purpose
Sheila Pringle Darrell

Demon Kissed
H.M. Ward

Chelsea Elizabeth Peseller

Dot To Dot
Kit Bakke;

Down There
Marc J Loranger

Dragon Moon
Karen Smullen

Dragon Prophecies: Prodigy
L. B. B. Davis

Dragon Solstice
Nance Crawford

Dumb Luck
Tyrolin Puxty

R.G. Esquivel

Eden's Root
Rachel E. Fisher

Escaped the Night
Jennifer Blyth

Eternal Earth Secrets Untold
Leaveil Dabney

Falling Through the Cracks
"JLC Pulliam, Janice Pulliam"

Fangs and Stilettos
Anthony Difiore

Fat Chance
Phil Drake

Finding the Good
Tanya Patterson

Freebooter's Paradise -- A Dangerous Tandem Adventure
Tim Loge

Frenchie X2- Follow the Blog
Mary L. Laudien

Frog Burgers
Lee Mandel

Sandra Y. Desjardins

Jessica Schaub

Generations 1: Book of Enlightenment
Mia Castile

Grady Hobbs & the Secret of GloNation
Will Aebi

Growing Up In Charis
Robert L. Adams

"Hi, I'm a boy!"

How Ella Grew and Electric Guitar
Orly Sade and Ellen Neuborne

In Quest of gold
Carol Bender;;

In Search of the Grail of Hope and Knowledge
Roy Cusumano

It All Started With a Bicycle
Plum McCauley

Jack Taylor Cases: The Holiday Hotel
Christian Wynn

Jaguar Princess: Last Maya Shaman
Marjorie Bicknell Johnson

Jasmine and the Lamp of Spells
Leonard Tate

Journals of The Big Mouth Bass
Debbie Williamson

June Bear Adventures - The Missing Pies
Birgit and Roger Pratcher

Keiko the Fairy
Lane Rockford Orsak

Toby J. Rosenstrauch,

Gillian Andrews

Leopard Moon (Book One of the Moon Series)
Jeanette Battista

Liliha And The Sacred Mission: A Young Adult Novel Set In Hawaii
Rosemary Patterson

Little Bad Bubba - The Kid People Loved to Hate
"Charles Armstrong, Jr."

Little Margaret: The Extraordinary Life Of Blessed Margaret of Castello
Kathleen M. Muldoon

Lost in the '90s
Frank Anthony Polito

Luckless Larry and the California Gold Rush
Stephanie Tsukada
amazon; barnesandnoble;authorhouse

Lucy and CeCee's How To Survive (andThrive) In Middle School
Kimberly Dana;

Magestic Dreams
Karen Householder

"Memoir of a Mermaid • When, At Last, He Found Me"
Adrianna Stepaniak

Casey Adolfsson

Meridienne Drake: Secrets of the Truth
Jessica Dragon Cheramie

Merlin's Chosen Book 1 Rise of the Wyvern
Victoria Kaer

Michael Dolan McCarthy
Sheri McGuinn

Millie and Honey: The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure
Joseph D. Means

Miracle Dogs of Portugal
Tracy Aiello

Monster Town
Garrett Vander Leun,

My Blue Lamb
Martine Gaudissart

Neon-colored Spider Webs
Tad Troilo

Nerual's Adventures and The Greatness of Agnes
Dianne Coon

New Shooter
Paula Diggs

Nick the Lolt
"Anthony M. Briggs, Jr."

Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble
D. Robert Pease

Oil in the Wok
YuMin Ye

One Perfect Wish
Paul Wetor

Over Rainbows
Marie Osburn Reid

Overcoming Celebrity Obsession
Diane Saks;;

Packages from America
Carol Wilson Grandin,

Richard G. Chur

Phliberty-Jibbits Book One: Anything Is Possible
William K. Moore

Pirate & Hoopoe
Diarmid Cammell & Karima Cammell

Pleiades Rising
Christine Candland

Posers: A Shifters Novel
L. M. Davis

Print In The Snow: Anna's Adventure In The Wyssun World
E.V. Svetova

Problems to Think
Larisa Altshuler

Rachel and Dolphin Cove
Gil Rogers

Rachel's Manifesto
Rhonda Herrington Bulmer

"Ralph Simian, I've Had It!"
Elizabeth Schart,

Ravencraft: And the Elixir of Life
Kevin P. Mathes

Red Rock
Kimberley Patterson

Return to Baladah
Michelle Mastrorilli

Return to Finkleton
K.C. Hilton

Riddles for Pesky Teenagers
Pariksith Singh

Rise of the Red Dragon (Tales of the Lorekeepers Vol. 1)
Martin Rouillard

Cynthia Sally Haggard

Save the World Academy Part I: The Sword of Steel
James K.B. Brough

Search for the Purple Stone of Burro Creek
Shawn Coe

L. N. Jennings

David Paul Collins

Shattered Colors
Stacia Garland

Shayna Gladstone In Search of the Scientist
Christine Murray

Dean R. Smith

Silver Wings
Joseph Emmanuel Trust

Sister Raven
Karen Rae Levine

Sleeper Cells
Sandra Y. Desjardins

Smugglers of Mallory Square
Jere Steele

Sombar the Pirate
Michael Megliola

Ann Aschauer

Spencer Hurley and the Aliens Book One: The Abduction
Terry Locke

Crystal Mazzuca

Stand Up Now
Lyn Sutton

Summer at Nineteen
Stephanie Blackburn

Summer of Red Rain
S. T. Davis

Summer of the Suffragists
Gayle Eggen Aanensen

Survive & Escape: One Family Chooses Life
Ed Maurer,

Sweet Dreams
Mellanie Crouell

Taking Jenny Home
Carolyn Kane

Tangi's Teardrops
Liz Grace Davis (Legal name: Grace Adewole)

"The ""BE-BOP-A-LULA"" Kid"
Bruce Brinkley

The 2012 Prophecies: Heir of the Jaguar
L.P Simone

The Adventures of Jimmy BlueSquirrel
Roger Wheeler;

The Barefoot Warrior
"Scott Edmund Miller (Pen Name ""Kyle Weaver"")"

The Book Not Yet Written
John Kackley

"The Book of Virtues, Volume 1"
James Baldini

The Brave Heart
Barry Hodges

The Cave in the Forest
Sheila Adam McIntyre

The Christmas Child
Mary Elizabeth Robinson

The Copper Room
Henry Melton

The Crystal Ship
C.J Carter-Stephenson

The Dark Eagles First Flight
David R. Smith

The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel
Gregory S. Slomba

The Devli's Twin
Grayce L. Higgins

The Empaths of Drayon
Cheryl Jackson Poules

The Fifth Kraut
Jeff Kohmstedt

The First to Fall
Carol Galusha

The Flight of Amos Beery
Rob Skaggs

The Forgotten Runaway
Elisabeth Crowther

The Great Teenage Myth
Joseph P. Gandolfo

The Grief Recovery Kit: A young person's guide through the journey of grief
Tanya Kilgore

The Guardian's Playlist
J. Powell Ogden

The Haunting at Cliff House
Karleen Bradford

The Holy Booger
Doe Daring

The Invisible Kids Mysteries
Denise Hirota

The Last Crusaders
V. L. Hoyt

The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch
Ashland Menshouse

the Legend of L'Esprit
Doris Greenberg & Pandre Shandley

The Library of Illumination - Book Two
Carol Pack

The Metamorphosis of Kaden Parsons
M.L. Clayton

The Mystery of the Dogman
Hays Williams
", and online book sellers"

The Ocean
Mia Castile

"The Orphan, the soulcatcher, and the Black Blizzard"
Kimberlee Ann Bastian, ebook @ kindlestore

The Other Elizabeth
Karleen Bradford

The Owl Wrangler
William Vaughn

The Paper Trail
William Platt

The Portal Hunter
Krista Bergren

The Princess Pashmina Stories
Eileen Tye or

The Prodigy: Greatness Has A Price
A. L. Campbell

The Rebellion of Ashtoreth
Steffen Seitz

The Secret In The Forest
Sheila Adam McIntyre,

The Silver Talon
A.J. Cunder

The Star of Vesta
Lucretia Quille

The Stone in the Meadow
Karleen Bradford

The Storytellers: Anterria
Rebecca McKinsey

The Strange World of Neve Rimbel
Rosandra M. Davis

The Struggle For the Bronze Cube
Richard L. Cave

The Summer Set
Jay B. Province

The Sun King Prophecy
Jim Packheiser

The Titanic - Lily's Story
Jamie H. Contreras

The Unexpected Clown
Kaye P. McKee

The Unfading
Olivia Stogner

The UnFairy Tale
Shari Lane

The Wheel of Nuldoid
Russ Woody

The World Within
Marielba Cancel Olmo

Thompson Twins Las Vegas Adventure
Lesa Hammond

Intisar Khanani

To Dream The Impossible
Robert Jae Skye

Tomas and The Magic Race Cars
Ramon Mesa Ledesma

Traegonia the Ember Rune
Kim Krueger

"Turning Point, Free Education for the Willing"
Paul Rallion & Chuck Wong

Twisted: Tales to Rot Your Brain Vol. 1
Nora Thompson

Uncle Jon & Stuffy the Cat
Barbara D. Hall,

A. M. Henry

Untraceable (Nature of Grace series)
S.R. Johannes

Valley of the Moon
Paula O'Neil; barnes&noble e. nook;

Vampire Reign: The First Encounter
Nicole Pietruazka,

Van Diemenat 17
Jeania Kimbrough
amazon; barnesandnoble; ebook; smashwords;; google books

Vikram and the Enchanted Seals
Sanjiv Behera

Ann Aschauer

Viva Cisco
Patrick Shannon

Weaverworld: Grimsnipe's Revenge
Julia K. Rohan

West to the Elephant
Joan Adair

West to the Elephant
J. Sprigle-Adair

"What's Wrong With Me? A Girl'sBook of Lessons Learned, Inspiration and Advice"
"Daree Allen, MS"

When the Tiger Smiles
Sonja Stone

"Who's Divorced Here, Anyway?"
Shari Hafer

Wild Beau and Her Kittens
Peggy Krause

Jennele Nejman

Xor: The Shape of Darkness
Moshe Sipper

Zippy Bizdom Adventures of Wally One Smart Dog
Christine Williams-Timme

Zoe Lucky and the Green Gables Mystery
M. Carol Coffey

Children's Picture books
Genre Fiction
Life Stories
Mainstream/Literary Fiction
Reference Books

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