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Self-Published Book Awards Winners - Genre Fiction

Self-Published Book Awards Winners - Genre Fiction

Announcing the Genre Fiction winners of the 5th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

Genre Fiction

First-place Winner

Susan Schaab
Wearing the Spider
Westport CT

Honorable Mentions

Jayel Gibson
Port Orford OR

Wayne S. Gilbertson
White Slave
Bonnie Lake WA

Robert W. Gregg
A Death on Crooked Lake
Bethesda MD

John H. Hanzl
Out of Hell's Kitchen
Boston MA

Frank Rachal
Jean Baptiste
Columbia MD

P.A. Ritzer
Seven Ox Seven: Part One: Escondido Bound
Aurora CO

D.H. Schleicher
The Thief Maker
Voorhees NJ

Michael R. Shoulders
The Competition
Evansville IN

Barbara Weir
The Fourth Act
Frenchtown NJ


Lucifer: Autobiography of a Prince... and Stuff
Vancouver WA

The Ghost Visits Boot Hill
Sun City AZ

Lafayette TN

The Lodestone of Gila
Las Cruces NM

William of Suffolk
Medford NY

Saundra Crum Akers
Tempest Rider
Columbus OH

D C Alden
London England

Luv Alston
Book Two of Seven
Stockton CA

E.B. Alston
Hammer Spade and the Case of the Missing Husband
Timberlake NC

E.B. Alston
Hammer Spade and the Diamond Smugglers
Timberlake NC

E.B. Alston
Hammer Spade and the Merchants of Death
Timberlake NC

Dante Amodeo
Saban and the Ancient
Jacksonville Beach FL

Jeanne C. Anderegg
Idaho Interlude
Granville OH

Jeanne C. Anderegg
Summer of the Doves
Granville OH

Clay Anderson
The Black Hat Society
Hercules CA

Gini Anding
Witness in the Square
Saint Augustine FL

Raymond Archer
The Search for the Perfect Whore
Dania FL

Dean W. Arnold
America's Trail of Tears
Chattanooga TN

Gean B. Atkinson
Bloodmoon at Cabin Creek
Edmond OK

Donald C. Austin, M.D.
Murders in the Nursery
Grosse Pointe MI

Donald C. Austin, M.D.
Modern American Tragedy
Grosse Pointe MI

Donald C. Austin, M.D.
The Deadly Gene
Grosse Pointe MI

Donald C. Austin, M.D.
Prejudice and Pride
Grosse Pointe MI

Gary W. Babb
Target Earth
El Cajon CA

Gary W. Babb
Earth is Ours
El Cajon CA

Shannon Bailey
The Haunted Hillerman House
New Castle CO

Shannon Bailey
Her Knight with a Shining Star
New Castle CO

R. Dennis Baird
The Brazen Serpent Chronicles: The Cadaceus
Estacada OR

Jerry Baird
Kissed By Eve
Laguna Woods CA

Peggy B. Baker
The Scrapbook
Eden Prairie MN

Dona Bakker Tami Riedeman
The Golden Road: French Wine or Moonshine?
Napa CA

Levi James Baldwin III
Murder 101
Amsterdam Holland

Rose Ameser Bannigan
The Purloined Encryption Caper
Arlington VA

R.D. Barnes
Mind Shadows: Tales That Awaken Your Midnight Dreams
Sacramento CA

Kerrie R. Barney
Eight's Gift
Powell Butte OR

Lois Barrett
Preacher's Son & Henry Brown
Harrisburg IL

Firsid Barsa
The Janissary: The New People in Power
Willimantic CT

Mr. Lajos Barsony
Amsterdam 1076 LR Netherlands

Carol Bartolet
Dunnellon FL

Mae Basha
White Sheets
Missouri City TX

G.D. Baum
Point and Shoot
Union NJ

Ned Bayley
The Fathers of Caleb Whitcomb
Silver Spring MD

Thérese Bonvouloir Bayol
Shadow Women
Rio Vista CA

Charles R. Bembry Jr.
A Prophet Without Honor
Teaneck NJ

Harold M. Bergsma
One Way to Pakistan
San Diego CA

Erik Bilicki
Enemy Calling : Descent
Otsego MI

Bill Bishop
Rapid City SD

Nash Black
Qualifying Laps
Jamestown KY

LJ Black
Bruceville TX

Desert Blue
A Time of Life to Remember
Elk Grove CA

Ellie Boatman
Unbridled Justice
Hammond IN

Joseph Bogo
Holes in the Hills
Avella PA

Dora Bornschein
The Cattail Mystery
Pueblo CO

Dora Bornschein
The Volunteer
Pueblo CO

Jan Bornstein
Beyond Beautiful
Marshfield MA

Wendy Boucher
Letters From A Dead Armadillo
Tampa FL

Laurel Bradley
A Wish In Time
Antigo WI

Karla Brandenburg
An Intimate Distance
Elgin IL

Warren L. Braun
The 3 Faces of the Future
Harrisonburg VA

Warren Braun
The Triumvirate
Harrisonburg VA

Patricia A. Bremmer
Crystal Widow
Venango NE

Phyllis Bricker
Girl Cane and Other Short Stories
Santa Ana CA

Karey E. Brown
Shadows of the Keeper
New York NY

Ginger R. Brown
Melbourne FL

Allison M. Brown
Faith's Turbulent Journey
Gainesville FL

LtCol David B. Brown, USMC (Ret) Tiffany Brown Holmes
Cary NC

John Buentello Lawrence Buentello
Reproduction Rights
San Antonio TX

Laurel L. Burke
Dakota Apparitions
Pierre SD

J.M. Burns
Deadline: Stiff
Altadena CA

Daniel J Cailler
Syracuse NY

Teddy Caldwell
Intimate Revenge
New Orleans LA

Mary Carpenter
Kingdom Lost
Mariposa CA

Philip J. Carraher
Saint Jack and Toad
Brooklyn NY

Philip J. Carraher
The Necklace of Stones
Brooklyn NY

Mary Morris Carrington
Bellevue NE

Joe Cawley
Hallowed Gesture
Jacksonville FL

Andrew Ceroni
Colorado Springs CO

Sohrab ChamanAra
A Journey To The Truth
Des Plaines IL

Merritt Charles
Fools Rush In - Where Angels ...
Branchport NY

Orean D. Chatman
The Time is Wright
Baltimore MD

Girad Clacy
Denver CO

Carson Clay
The Forest King
Belmont MI

F. Edward Clay
Boy Guess
Key Largo FL

Maria Clement
My Only Son
Wesley Hills NY

Nicholas A. Clemente
Pawns Of Justice
White Lake NY

Richard W. Coan
Shaul of Tarsos
Tucson AZ

R.L. Coffield
Northern Escape
Wickenburg AZ

Richard Shain Cohen
Petal on a Black Bough
Cape Elizabeth ME

Breanna Cone
Romancing Delilah
North Little Rock AR

Breanna Cone
The Rise of Tommy Boy
North Little Rock AR

Breanna Cone
Memories of Marty
North Little Rock AR

David Conrad
Murphysboro IL

Alan Cook
The Hayloft
Rancho Palos Verde CA

C.T. Cooper
Golden CO

H J Courtright
The Familiar
Lake Hiawatha NJ

Frankye Craig
The Fateful Journey Of Tamsen Donner
Reno NV

Alan Cramer
The Life
Bronx NY

J.T. Crawford
Beyond Reach
Severna Park MD

Marc C. Crump
The Upside-Down Year
Cloverdale OR

John Dahlgren
Finnegan's Parish & Other Stories
Marin-Epagnier, 2074 Switzerland

Frank Mari D'Alessandro
The Cassiopeia Grail
North Providence RI

Layla Danson
Shortie On The Side
New York NY

F.J. Dare
Up Against The Mob
Souderton PA

Stephen Davis
Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial
Bullhead City AZ

John Allen Davis
How Shall This Be?
Arlington TX

Evelyn De Wolfe
Across the Herring Pond
Hollywood CA

Elwyn Dearborn
I Witness and Wait
Medford NJ

Dominic V. DeCencio, Ph.D.
Voorhees NJ

Emily Delacote
A Gentle Cause of Chaos
Nyon (Vaud) 1260 Switzerland

Joseph DeMarco
At Play in the Killing Fields
Ewa Beach HI

David DeMello
Dead Scare
Fall River MA

David Dent
Alex Webster and the Gods
Mount Hope ON Canada

Michael J. Diamondstein
Cloaked in Doubt
Philadelphia PA

Gordon Donnell
The Only Game In Town
Redmond WA

Sandra Dorsett
A Wink at Midnight
Montgomery TX

Sylvia Douet
A Case of Tea
St Catharines ON Canada

G.L. Douglas
Alpha Rising
Melbourne FL

John J. Duggan
Salem Express Legacy of Death
San Antonio TX

Ted Duncan
A Snowball's Chance
Bakersfield CA

Clayton Dunham, PHD
Wrightsville Beach NC

Edward T. Duranty
Wilfred The Devil's Disciple
Portsmouth RI

Bill Dutcher
Norman OK

Fred Edwards
The Buffie Brigade
S Pasadena FL

Jason Edwards
Legend Of The Spear
Spokane WA

John F. Egbert
Ham Lake MN

Omar Eljumaily
The Children of Shem
Santa Rosa CA

Elizabeth Elwood
To Catch An Actress and other mystery stories
Burnaby BC Canada

Ron Erlich
The Lovers
Olney MD

Lynn Estes
God's Weapon
Las Vegas NV

Margaret Evans
The Sixth World
Rockville MD

Dino Fanara
Liberty Lake WA

Tracye Faulkner
Port Royal SC

Corey Lynn Fayman
Black's Beach Shuffle
San Diego CA

VMK Fewings
Stone Masters: A Vampire Reckoning
Sherman Oaks CA

Don E. Finegold
The Pemberton Murders
Salem MA

Pam Fish
The Last Resort
Peterborough United Kingdom

Gloria Spivey Flecker
North of Channing Street
Murrells Inlet SC

Cassundra Flemister-White Marquita Wright
Two of a Kind
Hesperia CA

Warren Floege'
Forbidden Depths
Plymouth CA

Steve Floit
The Science of God
Sycamore IL

Bryan Foreman
Killer Cain
Oklahoma City OK

Will Forman
The Deep Voyage
San Diego CA

J.R. French
Pendragon Reborn
Fairfield IA

Ronald Wm. Frey
Alien Crisis
Sun City AZ

Savannah J. Frierson
Being Plumville
Somerville MA

Thora Gabriel
Chessie Bligh and the Scroll of Andelthor
Yorba Linda CA

Arlette Gaffrey
A World of His Own
San Diego CA

Norma Gage
Ribbons In the Wind
Mead OK

Dave Gardner
Killing Janus
Lexington TN

Jane Summey Garrison
Her Father's Daughter
Hendersonville NC

Louise Murphy Gearin
An Unexpected Blessing
Memphis TN

John R. Gentile
Offworlder Book II of the SOFAR Trilogy
Tucson AZ

Christopher C. Gibbs
Cold in Death
Fanwood NJ

Jayel Gibson
Dragon Queen
Port Orford OR

Jayel Gibson
The Wrekening
Port Orford OR

Robert Goddard
Upper House Conspiracy
Brandon MS

Ron Gomez
Lafayette LA

Martin A. Gonzalez
Werewolves Among Us
Liberty NY

Martin A. Gonzalez
Werewolves Among Us
Liberty NY

Helen Goodman
The Blue Goose is Dead
Winston-Salem NC

Gaines Goodwin
Majority Rules
New Orleans LA

Ken Gorman
In Honor Of Justice
Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Ambrosio E. Gotera
Toronto ON Canada

Doug Graney
Indian Summer
Houston TX

Roman Griffen
Proven Innocent: The Defense of The Seven Deadly Sins
Lawrenceville NJ

Joshua Griffing
Bards of Broken Songs
Augusta GA

Vicente Guerrero
Street Casualties
Chino CA

Earl Earnest Guile
Antarctic Collapse
Dhahran 31311 Saudi Arabia

Romana C. Guillotte
Lydia's Family
Las Vegas NV

Mary J. Gust
Dabner & Blaze: The Tiger's Eye
East Grand Forks MN

Walter H. Haddon
The Preacher's Daughter
Cleveland OH

Norma R. Hagan
How To get away with Murder
Sanibel Island FL

Frank George Hale Dudley G. Hale
Citrus Heights CA

Paul L. Hall
Places the Dead Call Home
Troy MI

Terri Hall
The Tulip Tree
Bolsover, Derbyshire United Kingdom

Bettie Hamilton
Retti Spaghetti
Marblehead MA

Donovan Hamilton
We are not Gathered here Alone
Tulsa OK

Wayne Hancock
Fort Smith AR

Wayne Hancock
The Unlikely Predator
Fort Smith AR

Justice Harlow
The Recipe
Holiday Island Ar

Arlene Harman
Baptism by Fire
Bodfish CA

Lorraine M. Harris
After Bowling
Lady Lake FL

Cissy Hassell
Coming Home
Gainesville FL

Stuart Haussler
The Dismal River Massacre
Springfield MO

Harrit Ramseur Hearl
A Time to Heal
Conway SC

Meryl Heavens
Atlantis 2 A Question of Survival
Montreal QC Canada

J.E. Hebert
Vampire's Legacy
Arlington TX

Karl W. Heffelfinger
Headlong Into Hell
Slatington PA

Stuart Held
Blind Spot
Glen Cove NY

Bruce Hennigan
The 13th Demon: Altar of the Spiral Eye
Shreveport LA

Bob Hermann
Motor Soldier Down Code Blue
Lockwood NY

C.V. Herst
Dead Certain
Oakland CA

Gloria Hightower
In Total Darkness
Albuquerque NM

Leonard D. Hilley II
Predators of Darkness
Ft Payne AL

James M. Hilz
Pillars Of Salt
Greenwood IN

John R. Hindinger
Rogue Trident
Dearborn MI

Avery E. Hitch
A Penny Parcel
Martell NE

Shirley Hiter
Creator Born
Richmond VA

Daniel J. Hogan
The Magic of Eyri
Lansing MI

Carole Holden
Ultimate Terror
Franklin Lakes NJ

S. Hope
The Day God Cried
Broadlanda VA

Frederick B. Hopler
Legacy of Gold
Sarasota FL

Susan Horea
Silver Lining
Leixlip Co Kildare Ireland

Ken Houston
The Dead Man's Boots
Glendale AZ

Tina Field Howe
Alysa of the Fields
Waverly NY

Charlie Hudson
Shades of Truth
Homestead FL

Gloria Waldron Hukle
Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple
Averill Park NY

Robert Humbert Robin Rothburn
Anondra's Song
Myrtle Creek OR

Will Hutchison
Follow Me to Glory
Gettysburg PA

Julian Isaac
Returning Rayne
Thomasville NC

M. Yvonne Jacobs
Point of Deception
Columbus OH

Darrell James
Body Count
Pasadena CA

Harrell Jamison
Wilmington NC

Charlotte Jerace
Kentucky Rain
Truro MA

Bettye Johnson
Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls
Rainier WA

Deborah Johnston
Lambda Blue
Destrehan LA

Russell Jones
Traitors and Tyrants
Boise ID

K.R. Jones
The Ghosts of Guantanamo Bay
Stafford VA

Marc Joseph
The Heifer Chronicles: The End Time Imperiled
Montclair NJ

J.A. Joshi
Follow the Cowherd Boy
Lewisville TX

J.A. Joshi
Follow the Cowherd Boy
Lewisville TX

Ronald Kaehr
The Disgruntled Cowboy and Other Tales of Old New Mexico
Albuquerque NM

Natty Kaye
A Rare Gem
Madison WI

R.L. Keck
Critical Response
Valrico FL

Lee Kessler
White King and the Doctor
Eureka MT

A.S. Keyser
Bloody Waters of Blanca Bay
Yuma AZ

Michael Kirchhoff
San Juan Capistrano CA

Dolores White Kiser
Papa's Vow
Durant OK

Joe D. Kline
Hail to the Chieves
Prospect ME

Shirley M. Knappe
The Ghosts of Four Chimneys
Pompano Beach FL

Valbona Kociu
The Pact Beneath the Bridge
Longueuil QC Canada

J.J. Kremsky
The Demon Tree
Drums PA

Sturmen Krieg
Pensacola FL

Aaron Kruse
River City Justice
Donnellson IA

Leah Laflamme
Raven's Song
Chicopee MA

Jerry Land
The Convertible
Aguanga CA

Philip Lane
Light of Vellisium Gemini
Bainbridge NY

Shannon Lapham
Nursemaid for Hire
Fort Collins CO

Gail Larson
The Pew
Humble TX

Gail Larson
The Altar Rail
Humble TX

Gail Larson
Ordinary Orchards
Humble TX

Alick Lazare
Morne Bruce Roseau Dominica

Anne-Marie Legan
Death Shadow
Herrin IL

D.C. Legendre
Clams in Cups : Legends of the Heart
Saint Johnsbury VT

Patrick Lennon
Paradise Lost
Fort Pierce FL

J.D. Lenzen
Soft Candy
San Francisco CA

Jerry Leverett
Jesus of Cottondale
Redding CA

Philip L. Levin
Saucier MS

Laura Chamberlin Levy
Siberian Odyssey The Immigrants Part Two
San Francisco CA

Laura Chamberlin Levy
Siberian Odyssey The Exiles Part One
San Francisco CA

Lois Lewandowski
The Fatal Heir
Lincoln NE

Erica Lewis
Arlington Heights
Marietta GA

Frank Lewis
Sparks NV

D. Richard Lewis
Time Trip on a Moebius Strip
Boynton Beach FL

Dave Lewis
Sitting on a Soap Bubble
Hopkins MN

Sunny L'Heureux
A Death In Question
Destin FL

Danielle Marie Linton
Fairies of Elysium
Hanover PA

David E. Lucas
Death Benefits
Calgery AB Canada

Beverly Money Luke
Eden's Way
Thornton CO

Celia Lund
Square Sails and Dragons
Salt Lake City UT

Aloysius A. Lutz Richard J. Lutz
Jadwiga's Crossing
New York NY

Stan Lynde
Summer Snow
Helena MT

Stan Lynde
Marshall of Medicine Lodge
Helena MT

Teresa A. Lynn
To Dismiss With Prejudice
Vicksburg MS

R.D. Lyons
Riding Guts 'n' Glory
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico

Roger A. MacDonald, M.D.
With Malice Toward All
Grand Marais MN

Tom Mach
All Parts Together
Lawrence KS

Barbara Mackinnon
Where Rivers Meet
Waconia MN

Steven Madeline
River of Greed
Vero Beach FL

Taylor Madison
Chatsworth CA

Debbie Madison
Rider Down
Cathedral City CA

Major Lothar "Nick" Maier
B*U*F*F (Big Ugly Fat F*****)
Plano TX

Edward J. Malin
The Light Chain Chronicles Book One: White
Madison WI

David Maring
The Serpent's Seed
Georgetown SC

Ilinda Markova
The Bastard
Brisbane. Qld Australia

Thea Girard Marshall
Cat's Masquerade
Pie Town NM

Matthew Marullo
The Octave Displacement
Hicksville NY

Mary Louise McCaffrey
A Handful of Sand
Fresno CA

Barb McClatchy
When I Fall
Upper Darby PA

Robert McDavid
Only Daughters
Columbia MO

James I. McGovern
Beyond the Failure Club
Kokomo IN

Christine L. McKellar
A Port of no Return
Las Vegas NV

Allan McLeod
Barely Dead
New York NY

Marion McNair
Bitter Roots
Los Angeles CA

Joe McSweeney
War of Angels
Garnerville NY

Ida-Rose Mead
Mindful of Madness
Worcester NY

Steve Messman
Double Sided
Elma WA

Barbara Michel
Colorado Blaze
Hawthorn PA

Barbara Michel
Cascade Fugitive
Hawthorn PA

John Mickey
Ultimatum Day
Honolulu HI

Terry I. Miles
DOG Gone Christmas
Gulfport MS

Jack J. Miller
Millionaire City
Laguna Beach CA

Jim Miller
Heavy Jets
Crestwood KY

Bob Minier
Watch Dog of Freedom
Rancho Santa Margarita CA

Ed Mitchell
Gold Fire
Salinas CA

William Mize
Everlasting Life
Saint Petersburg FL

William Mize
Resurrection Angel
Saint Petersburg FL

David Mohr
Planet of Ice
Dalton GA

Chris Monack
San Jose CA

Kingsley V. Montgomery
Scion of the Dark Moon
Orlando FL

John Montgomery
The Fall of Daoradh
Russellville AR

George Moore
Ther End of Outrageous
Bozeman MT

Steven M. Moore
Full Medical
Concord MA

Kenneth E. Morris
The Mighty McCords
Troy MO

Michael Mort
A Foreign Affair
Arlington VA

Michael Mort
A Foreign Affair
Arlington VA

T.M. Moses
The Prophecy
Saint Louis MO

B. Douglas Moyer
Midnight Train to Moscow
Sarasota FL

Thomas F. Murphy
Edge of Allegiance
Reston VA

Annette M Musta
The Caledon Crystal
Venetia PA

B.J. Myrick
Out of Control
Atlanta KS

J. Matthew Neal
Specific Gravity
Muncie IN

Richard Neale
Sci-Venture Antholgy
Mountain Center CA

Charles B. Neff
Patriot Schemes
Mercer Island WA

Terry Newlin
Promise Point
Houston TX

Robin Newmann
Kidnapped Hope
Half Moon Bay CA

Lee Ann Newton James A. Benson
Beneath the Shadows
Murfreesboro TN

Linda Nichol Nalda Killian
Of Steel and Butterflies
Hot Springs National Park AR

Till Noever
Dunedin New Zealand

Jon Norris
Mab's Cross Trilogy Volume 1 The Last Rebellion
Woolwich ME

Darden North, MD
House Call
Jackson MS

Darden North, MD
Points of Origin
Jackson MS

Ilse Nusbaum
Los Angeles CA

Molly O'Connor
Fourteen Cups
North Gower ON Canada

Patrick O'Donnell
Of Doggerel and the Dean
Escondido CA

Patrick O'Donnell
Illicit Cargo
Escondido CA

Ann O'Farrell
Palm Harbor FL

Anthony T. Ogunware
Chiller, Hell, Coming to a High School Near You
Richmond VA

Anthony T. Ogunware
Chiller, Relationships Can Be Murder
Richmond VA

Anthony T. Ogunware
Chiller, Friend at Day, Killer By Midnight
Richmond VA

Yvonne Olmstead Sharon Brawley
Star Cross Inn
Raleigh NC

Don Otey
Terror's Mask
Trinity FL

Betty Thomason Owens
The Lady of the Haven
Louisville KY

D.P. Pagano
The Dark Exiles
Ashland OH

R.O. Palmer
Queen of Diamonds
Boonton NJ

Sharon Parenteau
I Can Do This; I Can Die
Endicott NY

Nicole Parris
The 8th Journal
Glen Allen VA

Laurie A. Perkins
Blood Diamonds
Needham MA

S.P. Perone
Judgment Day
Grass Valley CA

S.P. Perone
Murder Almighty
Grass Valley CA

Howard J Peters
Atlanta GA

P.E. Peterson
The Methuselah Conspiracy
Medway MA

P.E. Peterson
The Chatelaine Connection
Medway MA

Tom Phillips
The Ancient Ones
Allen TX

Dennis Phillips
Mama's Prayers
Titusville FL

Cliff Pickover
The Heaven Virus
Yorktown Heights NY

Walter Pierce
Dreams Unseen
Wiggins CO

Sheila Byrnes Prince
The Lake of Bays Murders
Leawood KS

Ivana Queen
The Trickster's Delight
Saint Marys PA

Peyton Quinn
Dog Soldiers M.C.
Lake George CO

Peyton Quinn
Lake George CO

Tom E. Quinn
Major Gigolo
Boerne TX

Gene Rackovitch
Marines and Renegades
Greenport NY

Billie Rains
The Deserter
Versailles KY

La' Ron S. Readus
Legacy of the Dark World: Genesis Fire
Detroit MI

Emily Richardson
After All
Vinita OK

Angie Richart-Lawburgh
The River In Me and other Smalltown Stories
Brownstown IN

R.W. Ridley
Délon City, Book Two Of The Oz Chronicles
Charleston SC

R.W. Ridley
The Takers, Book One Of The Oz Chronicles
Charleston SC

R.L. Roach
Bend OR

J. Michael Robertson
Warrior of the Three Moons
Hudson NH

Aiden Rocke
Rogue Threat
Alexandria VA

David W. Roderick
A Hood for Life
Lake Havasu City AZ

Alan Rose
The Legacy of Emily Hargraves
Woodland WA

Karen Roth
Found on 16th Avenue
San Antonio TX

Karen Rouillard
Stasha's Cure
St Catharines ON Canada

Charlsie Russell
The Devil's Bastard
Gulfport MS

Joseph A. Sabatino
Bad Habits Die Hard
Burlington NJ

Terre J. Sadler
Tell Me That You Like It
Chesterfield VA

Gaytri Saggar
Lost to Them
Northridge CA

Tom Salvador
The Ring Master
East Falmouth MA

Judith Sanders Dr. Frank J. Malinoski
Crescent Veil
Clarksburg MD

Raymond H. Santiso
The Immigrants Who Built America
Rockwall TX

Scot Savage
The Groover's Last Stand
Schaumburg IL

James Scarola
Faces in the Sand
Burlington VT

Joyce Klintworth Schalker
The Endless Link
Lees Summit MO

Anthony Scheiber
Immortality Powered By Quaternary Medicine Code
Grosse Ile MI

Susan Shabel Schiffrin
Another Time, Another Place, Harry Clinton
Boca Raton FL

Roger W. Schoenecker
Opposite of Darkness
Cambridge MN

Helena P. Schrader
The Olympic Charioteer

C.P. Schulze
Pretty Boy and the Bugler
Lanexa VA

Hubert Schuurman
People of the Swan
Wolfville Canada

James A. Scott
The Iran Contradictions
Dover DE

Joan Fitting Scott
Skinning The Cat
Fort Worth TX

Ann Self
Something Most Deadly
East Freetown MA

Rahul Sen
The Noah
Santoshpur, Kolkata 700075 India

D.E. Shannon
Evergreen CO

John Shimmin
Mystery of the Templar Treasure
Lone Tree CO

Margie Gosa Shivers
Once is Never Enough
Lansing IL

Lloyd C. Shue
Through This Hour
Parkville MD

Raymond M. Simmons
Best Blood
Newport News VA

M.J. Simon
Shadow's Embrace
Laingsburg MI

Ahmad M. Simone
Lions & Butterflies
Deltona FL

Leah Skybird
Raven in the Forest of Illusion
Slippery Rock PA

Katherine Kama'ema'e Smith
The Love Remains
Lahaina HI

L. D. Smith
The Evolution of Oracle Dodd
Las Cruces NM

L. D. Smith
The Children of Tau Ceti
Las Cruces NM

Robyrt Snyder
The Falls
Newton NH

Robyrt Snyder
The Falls
Newton NH

Chad Sosna
doo-lang love
Chicago IL

Karen Arnett Spaulding
Running For Their Lives
Virginia Beach VA

Dan Spencer
Rule of Existence
San Francisco CA

Paul Spock
Psychedlic Six
State College PA

Paul Spock
Psychedelic Six
State College PA

Constance Sprague
Alice and The Green Man
Seattle WA

Howard K. Storms
Assignment Eire 1948
Middletown NY

Buddy Strickland
Indian Trail NC

Patrick Joseph Sullivan
Trail Songs
New Britain CT

Rick Suttle
Suicide Peak
Cincinnati OH

Henry Swain
Leaves for the Raking
Nashville IN

Joyce Marie Taylor
Off Course
Hollywood FL

Robert Tedeschi
Murky Depths
Chicopee MA

Tommy L. Thomas
Vendetta: You Reap What You Sow
Detroit MI

Marshall S. Thomas
The Black March
Williamsburg VA

Mary Patterson Thornburg
Bozeman MT

Aaron Todd
Secret of Centrix
E Fallowfield PA

Jim Toland
Fire and Fog
San Francisco CA

Shawn M. Tolhurst
Night, Silvie
Santa Fe NM

Richard Tortorici
Blood Relative
Glen Cove NY

Armond Rasheen Towns
Rosez 4 A Gun
Greensboro NC

Alma K. Treadwell
Out of the Darkness
Roanoke AL

Richard Triebe
On A Rising Tide
Wilmington NC

S. Van Bragt
The Eagle's Coup
Benton Harbor MI

Lynnette Vaughn
Sydney NSW Australia

Joe Vernetti
The Good, Good Sheriff & Other Voices
Sevierville TN

Richard Vidaurri
The Gates of the Shadow
Alhambra CA

Michael Vieira
Green With Envy
Troy OH

Cherie Waggie
Without Warning
Tulsa OK

Gwynne Huntington Wales
The Valley of Death
Fairfield CT

Dann Wallis
Burnin' Daylight
Niceville FL

M. Laurel Walsh
Hope Haven
St. Paul MN

Teresa Waltz
Tangled Memories
Trafalgar IN

Marsha Warsaw
When You Dance with Rabbits
Bellflower IL

Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne
The Chaperone
Poulsbo WA

Kevin M. Weeks
The Street Life Series Is It Suicide Or Murder?
Austell GA

Sam Welch
Rogue River OR

David White
Richmond CA

Joseph White
Flag of Barsoom
Nashville TN

Debra P. Whitehead
Into the Light
Hohenwald TN

James Smiley Wightman
The Holy Kiss
Saint Petersburg FL

Dee Wilbur
A Jealous God
Houston TX

Stan Wilczek Jr.
The Kept Secret
Liverpool NY

Eric Wilder
Big Easy
Edmond OK

Eric Wilder
A Gathering of Diamonds
Edmond OK

C.D. Williams
Las Vegas NV

V. W. Williams
Shadows of Trickle Creek
Spring TX

Michael G Williams
The Four Horsemen
Lookout Mountain GA

Charles T. Williams
The Phaeton Continuum
Washington DC

Jennifer Williams
Kaisa's Folly
Bridgeton NJ

Tracy Wilson
Secrets...How Far Are You Willing To Go To Keep Yours?
Yonkers NY

James E. Wisher
Children of Darkness
Jay NY

Barbara With
Imagining Einstein
La Pointe WI

Brian Wizard
Heaven on Earth
Wallowa OR

Brian Wizard
Space Egg
Wallowa OR

Frances Bries Wojnar
Magdalena'a Conflict
Crockett CA

Mark Wolfal
It Could Have Happened That Way
Columbus IN

John G. Wollaston
Rozelle NSW Australia

John G. Wollaston
The Face of Evil
Rozelle NSW Australia

X.L. Woo
Adventure of an American Girl in Ancient China
East Brunswick NJ

Robin Wood
Trouble follows Kids and Dogs
Concrete WA

Rob Woodbright
A Crack In The Dike
Cleveland OH

Jim Worth
Final Audit
Placentia CA

Anita Wylie
Day of Aquarius
Indianapolis IN

Sheldon Mike Young
Westerville OH

Shawn Zachary
Elloree SC

Shawn Zachary
House of Dolls
Elloree SC

Mike Zarelli
Beyond Justice
West Palm Beach FL

Why We Should Read Middle Grade Fiction as Adults

Why We Should Read Middle Grade Fiction as Adults

Young Adult fiction has surpassed its own demographic by being acceptable to read at any age. Why have we left middle grade fiction out of that equation? Here’s why we should be reading middle grade fiction as adults and as writers.

What Are the 6 Different Types of Editing?

What Are the 6 Different Types of Editing?

When you reach the editing phase of your manuscript, it's important to know what kind of editing you're looking for in particular. Author Tiffany Yates breaks down the 6 different types of editing.

WD Poetic Form Challenge

WD Poetic Form Challenge: Imayo Winner

Learn the winner and Top 10 list for the Writer’s Digest Poetic Form Challenge for the imayo.

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Print or Online Article First Place Winner: "Surfacing an Aquatic Diaspora"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Print or Online Article First Place Winner: "Surfacing an Aquatic Diaspora"

Congratulations to Elaine Howley, first place winner in the Print or Online Article category of the 90th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Here's her winning article, "Surfacing an Aquatic Diaspora."

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Script (Stage Play or TV/Movie) First Place Winner: "Jaguar Woman"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Script (Stage Play or TV/Movie) First Place Winner: "Jaguar Woman"

Congratulations to Olga El, first place winner in the Script (Stage Play or TV/Movie) category of the 90th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Here's her winning TV Pilot script, "Jaguar Woman."

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Non-Rhyming Poetry First Place Winner: "won't you celebrate with me"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Non-Rhyming Poetry First Place Winner: "won't you celebrate with me"

Congratulations to Nicole Adabunu, first place winner in the Non-Rhyming Poetry category of the 90th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Here's her winning poem, "won't you celebrate with me."

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Rhyming Poetry First Place Winner: "She Lives in Underbridge World"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Rhyming Poetry First Place Winner: "She Lives in Underbridge World"

Congratulations to MF Slattery, first place winner in the Rhyming Poetry category of the 90th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Here's the winning poem, "She Lives in Underbridge World"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Mainstream/Literary Short Story First Place Winner: "Tracks"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Mainstream/Literary Short Story First Place Winner: "Tracks"

Congratulations to Elizabeth Rosen, first place winner in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story category of the 90th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Here's her winning story, "Tracks."

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Genre Short Story First Place Winner: "A Brief Cameo"

Writer's Digest 90th Annual Competition Genre Short Story First Place Winner: "A Brief Cameo"

Congratulations to D. M. Ullrich, first place winner in the Genre Short Story category of the 89th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Here's his winning story, "A Brief Cameo."