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20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards-Genre Fiction

Thank you the everyone who participated in our 20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. Below is a list of the books entered in our Genre Fiction category.

A Beautiful Glittering Lie
J. D. R. Hawkins

A Case Of Peanut Brittle
Jack O'Connor

A Choice to Yield
Laurence Cook

A Chronicle of Endylmyr
Charles Hall

A Glitch in Crime
Elaine C. Smith or

A Healing Place
Joyce Shaughnessy

A Home for Your Heart
Leah M Kosin

A Jury of Peers
Robert Metry

A Knight on Long Island
Tom Humphrey

A Knight On Long Island
Thomas J. Humphrey

"A Love Story Shuugh, God and Lulu"
Lois Fowler Barrrett

A Lovers Destiny
Ramona Matta or

A Matter Of Doubt - The Novel of Claude Bernard
Peter Wise

A Matter of Time
Michael J Bowler

A Novel Novel
L. R. Hettche

A Place for Me:International Street Life to Spiritual Insight
Eddie Plummer

A Rendezvous to Die For
Betty McMahon

A Season For Living
Susan Willis Updegraff;;

A Servant's Child
Marjorie Kaye

A Sigh for Life's Completion
Sara Kuhns

A Singular Prophecy
R. Gary Raham

A Stone Barn
Nancy Lynn

A Violet Of Faith
Sue Skeen

A Wrathful Vintage
Patrick Ian O'Donnell

Ad Astra
Del Hayes

Aeon Pneuma
Rowena Portch

After the Flash
JR Madsen

Agent of Influence
Russell Hamilton

Cynthia J. Cordell

Alexander: Sacrifice. Instinct. Rebirth.
Lauren Kaye Pomeroy

ALL ACROSS TEXAS Bents Fort to Galveston. 1837
Frank W. Lewis

All That Remains
Melva Haggar Dye

Allah's Revenge
Pete Barber

ALVA Four Wheels of Terror
Jw Grodt

America Under Attack
Kelsie Miller
not given

Among the Ashes: Darkfire Series Book One
Cheryl Denton

An Undeserved Sentence
Julie Christine-Lael Baumer

ANANDA: Son of Hesse's Siddhartha
lester orie

Angel Dance
M.D. Grayson

Angel Games
D. Michael Olive

Angelic Warfare
Bolko Zimmer

Angelina's Oak
Jesse F. K. Reiss

Angels and Warriors The Awakening
Dawn Tevy

Angels at Sunset
Tom Mach

Angels Mark
Natalie Buske Thomas

Anvil of Moonlight
William Weyr

Art and Murder
Richard O'Reilly Morry

Ask Dr. Eldritch Volume #2 Why Does My Monster Hate Me?
Evan Nichols

At All Costs
Gary Reichel

Avenger Rise
C.J. Night

Avogadro Corp: The Singularity Is Closer Than It Appears
William Hertling (links to amazon and smashwords)

Balls of Leather and Steel
Guy Butler

Becoming Fae
Jennifer M Shultz

Bee House Rising
Keby Boyer

Beehive Arizona
Geffrey Von Gerlach

Belle of Alabama
Wynette McFadden Fraser

Beneath a Winter Moon
Shawson M Hebert

Beyond Cops & Robbers
Derrick S. McCluskey

Beyond Fear
Vernell Everett

Beyond the Battles
Cynthia Hillen

Beyond The Gate
Daniel T. Adams

Beyond the Lazarus Gate
Timothy M. Shannon

Beyond The Promise
Phyllis K.

Beyond the Stars: Ineo
Kelly Beltz

Beyond the Stars: Kataria
Kelly Beltz

Beyond the Wood
Michael J. Roueche

Big Business and Body Bags
Lincoln R. Peters

"Black Oil, Red Blood"
Diane Castle
see for links to various formats

BLACKWELL: The Encounter Begins
Michael E. Gunter

"Blessed Are the Merciful, Our Forgotten Soldiers"
Joyce Shaughnessy

Blood and Magnolias
Morgan Summerfield


Blood for the Marked Man
Don Kilcoyne

Blood Life
Gianna Perada

Blood Of The Righteous
Jim Pickett (aka J. E. Sandoval)

Blood on the Constitution
R. S. Sukle

Blue Bucket
Suzanne Grant

Blue Fall (The Tournament #1)
B. B. Griffith

Blueprint For Genocide
Jeffrey F. Paulsen

"Bob Wacszowski, Necromancer"
George Dalphin

Bodacious Blues
Whitney LeBlanc

Bonds of Blood & Spirit: Loyalties
Wendi Kelly-Deborah Dorchak

Book of Angels - The Ministering of Angels in the Last Days
Kevin Z. Fair

Born to Soar
Welles T Brandriff

Broken Dignity
Michael J. Lando


California Shock
Carlos Chino

Calusa !
Robert Blaske

Capital Kill
Marc Rainer (Pen Name for Charles Ambrose)

Carpet of the Sun
Mark Holman

Catch and Release
James Twerell

Catherine's Travels Book 2 - Lawson's Search
Adele Marie Crough

"Cespen, the Endless City"
Christopher Wolf

Changed In A Heartbeat
Tina Hamel

Chaos in the Capital
Rob Shumaker

Chapel Playhouse
Roberta L. Smith

Charlie's Hoot
H. Trussell Pyle

Chasing Innocence
John Potter

Checking on the House
Linda Hudson Hoagland

Christmas Road Trip
Doug Wolven

Class Dismissed
Mark Petry

Coding Isis
David Roys

Collection of Short Stories Poignent to Horror
Tim Corkery

Collision of Destinies
Steven L. Benson

Consecrated Dust: A Novel of the Civil War North
Mary Frailey Calland

Consummate Betrayal
Mary Yungeberg


Kristi McManus

A.J. Brown

Corinthia Falls
Kim Hutson

Jerry Welch

Cosmic Swan
Bill Copeland

S. A. Van

Coven of Celsus - Elizabeth
Randall V

Crystal Mage
Susan Baldwin

Cultus Maximus
Stephen T. Savage

Daisy's Song
Stephen Clarkson

Dan's War
Milt Mays

Dark Dealings
Karen Victoria Smith

Dark Passages
Patrick Tumblety

Daughter of Deceit
Carrie James Haynes

Dead Energy
James M. Corkill

Dead Light
Mike Pace

Deadly Aura
Robert Sweeten

Deadly Mementos
Leslie Bendaly

Death At Willow Creek Mine
J.D. Savid

Death in West Harbor
John Lundquist

Edith Duven Flaherty

Defining Moments
Faye Hicks

Clifford Evan

Depth of Deception (A Titanic Murder <ystery)
Alexander Galant;

Der Sternvolker
Christopher Meyer

Desert Angels
Patrick D. Simpson

Deuteronomy: The New Ten Commandments
Michael J. Molloy

Dishes Can Be Deadly
Ellen D. Torrey

Dog 281
Janet Vormittag

Doggone Mysterious
Nancy Foster Ruhle

Dome Child
Regina Glei

Double Shock
Peggy Holloway;

Double Up
Madia Hewton

Dragon Badge
Scott Moon

Dragon's Ark
Thomas Burchfield

Drake's Coffin
Michael D. Urban

Dreams and Nightmares
Natasha Copson

Drowning In My Tears
Alexa Keating

Dying Within
Patricia Kelly

Richard Guimond

Elizabeth Island
Joyce Marshall

Engelinkyn: The Winged Hemisphere
Shirley Ouw writing under the pseudonym of Sterren

Eric's War: The Cougar and the Lamb
Kenneth E Bliss

Escape From Ensenada
Harris T. Vincent

Escaped the Night
Jennifer Blyth

Even If You Don't...
Mianne Adufutse

Every Twenty-Four Hours
Cynthia Johnson

Everyone's a Suspect
Richard Guidice

Elizabeth Zito-Joyce

Warren Bell

Fall of Eden
Michele Poague

Falling Down
David T. Boyd

Family Matters
Anna Devore

Victorio Velasquez

Michael Rene Dube

Feet of Clay
J. J. Webb
isbn 978-0-8059-7705-9

Finding Kate
Kathy Chandler

Finding Magic
Ray Rhamey

Fit to Kill
Donnie Ray Whetstone

Flash Bangs
Andy Underwood

Flight of the Rook
William R. Avery

For A New Life
Timothy A. Esser; amazon; createsoace; kindle; barnes and noble nook

C. William Ochsenhirt

Forging of a Knight
Hugo Valentin Negron

Forrorrois: Tears of Many Mothers
Suzanne Y. Snow

Four Keys and a Cabin
Debby Arthur Warner

Foxes in the Vineyard
Michael J. Cooper
not given

Fractured Persona
Harry James Krebs

Marny Copal

From One Place to Another
Carol White

Fused Loyalties: A Novel of Mystery and Intrigue during the Reign of His Majesty King George III
Cynthia L. Miller
" (password, williamsmall1774)"

Gangsta Angel: A Guardian Angel in Training
Pat Kelly Wendling

Terrence Douglas

Geezettes Book2: Golden Girls on the Prairie
Mary Ellen Erickson
", iuniverse or Dr. Mary's Books"

Getting The Important Things Right
Padgett Gerler

Ghosts in the Heart
Michael Keller

Bill Gourgey

Barbara Brooke

Glimpses of Our Lives
Emily Rose Ludwick

Glorious Reality of War
Michael Mendoza

Golden Haze
Larry W. Fish or

Gajendra Babu Santhanam

Greek Flu
Fritz Strobl

Hanged for the Few
James T. Carpenter

Hanging Flynn
Addison Lane

Haunted Secrets
Sandra LaBruce

Heart's Blood
Elizabeth Zinn

Heaven at SETI's Doorstep
Shelton Ranasinghe

Her: These Stories Are True...Even if they aren't
Caroline Bell & Tracie Hanson

Hero O'Reilly The Phantom Hacker
K.G. White

Hex: The Haunting of Barrington County
Stacy Charasidis

History - Humanoid Races
John Haford Jones;

Hitler's Silver Box
Allen Malnak

Hollister House
Joani Lacy

Hot Times In Panama
Frank Babb; and other online bookk retaileres

House Of Illusions
Jillian Osborn
",,, barnesand"

How to Represent a Ghost
Becky Ann Bartness

How to Represent a Ghost
Becky A. Bartness
www.funnymysteries. com

"I Am Called Shaman: A Novel of Murder, Magic and Mystery"
Rebecca Reeves

If Thy Right Hand
Robin Lamont

Illusions -- Book 5 of the Spirian Saga
Rowena Portch

I'm Still Aggravated But At Least I Didn't Kill Anybody!
John Knight

Image of Emeralds and Chocolate
K. Murry Johnson

Imlich's Tale
Elizabeth Carroll

In a Cat's Eye
Kevin Bergeron

In Love In Pain
Janice Moss

In Our House: Tantalizing Tales of Terror
Peter A. Balaskas

In Pursuit of Abraham
Francine Fuqua

In Search of Yannelli: A Son's Journey To Know His Father
Michael J. Bakalis
not given

In The Shadow of the Mountain
John McLaughlin

In The Shadow of the Sun King
Leila W. Jamison

Infinitely Simple
Randy McKnight

Inflatable Men
Amy Ivan

Inside Deception
Faynetta Lavergne Burrle

It Began With A Quote
Cecilia Christina

It Seems As It May
Andy Hicks

Jaguar Princess: The Last Maya Shaman
Majorie Bicknell Johnson;

Jarred Into Being
Pat Lawrence

Jesus of Cottondale
Jerry Leverett
isbn 978-1-4327-2956-1

Jigsaw Man
Marvin Brown

Josephine: Red Dirt & Whiskey
Melinda McGuire

Just Tryin' To Be Loved
J'son M. Lee

Justice Delayed
Keith Fielding

Gwendolyn Ashley

Killer in Sight - A Tom Lackey Mystery
Sandra Carrington-Smith

Warner B. Bair II

"Kiss Her, Kill Her"
Lisa Dewar

Last Journey of the Ark
Jerome J. Gainer

Last Knight
Phin Scardaw

Last of the Chosen
Lawrence P. White

Legacy of the Light
Todd A. Gipstein

Less Than a Minute to Air
FM Knight

Letters From Wheatfield
Patrick Shannon

Life To Life : Journey to the Other Side

"Life's challenges, A Short Story Collection"
Sylvia Behnish;

Little Feather's Woman
Maeve Sidhe Fitzgerald

Long Road Home
Virginia Van Druten

Long Way Home
Harold G. Ross

Lords of Dyscrasia
Seth E. Lindberg

Lost and Found
Gina Davis;

"Love Always, But Not Forever"
Debi Herren

Love's Providence
Jennifer H. Westall

Mario Esera

M&M Twins- Lost in Browser Cave
Jessica Tornese

MacCullough's Women
Kathleen Ferrari

Mike Brogan

Marc Curtis Little

Making Do
Deckle McLean

Manila Bay: A Sailor's Story
Don Walker

Marco and the Red Granny
Mur Lafferty;

"Merzapamed, Prince of Dore"
Marty Farnsworth

Midnight Struggle
Sherry Walraven

Millenial Fears
Debbie Bricker

Mind of a Madman Evil Unleashed
Valerie Bowen

Amanda Guy

Moon Shadow and the Keeper of the Canines
Kim Doll

Moon Signs
Helen Haught Fanick

Harvey Shapiro

Murder Along the Shore
Richard Guidice

Murder By Another Name
Jo Stone

Murder Most Motherly
Christine Cook

Murder of Crows

Murder of Souls
J. L. Mullins

My Brother's Keeper
A. J. Farris

Mystery at Morania
Judy Conlin

"Mystery, Malevolence & Murder - Collected Stories: Volume One"
David T. Boyd

Nation Under God
James Luallen

Never Smile at Strangers
Jennifer Minar-Jaynes

New Earth: Project O.N.E.
R. D. Pittman

Night Sights
Charlie Fernandez

No Cause for Shame
Richard Stein

No Cure For The Past
Rick Halpern

No Good Like It Is
McKendree Long;;

Nockers Up!
Ronald Talney

Now I Know My ABC's
Brandon Hairston

Number 181
Russell Stoewe

Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age
kristin kuhns alexandre

Of A Demon In My View
Jean M. Porro

Of Doggerel and the Dean
Patrick Ian O'Donnell

Of Wizards and Wolves
E.D. Litchfield & Jenny Long

Off the Grid
Blaine C. Readler

Oil Prices fuel corruption
Michael Hake

C.J. Booth

On the Banks of the Rappahannock
John Harding Peach

One Man's Revenge
Mimi Paris

Open Source
M. M. Frick

Ora Canonica
Laurel Marena

Gary Tarulli

Our Time In The Sun
John McLaughlin

Out of the Shadows
Jessica de Battista

Out of Xibalba
Liz Coley;

David V. Mammina

Parallel Lives
Martin Gwent Lewis

Cassandra Lynn King

People of Legend: The Prequel
Seer & Healer/Veronica Daniels & Rise Russell

Pepper Jack
Jon Pendergrass

Pamela Covarrubias Newsom

PC McCullough

Perfection Unleashed
Jade Kerrion

Perplexity of Iran
Sohrab ChamanAra

Phantom Marauders of the Bermuda Triangle
r.c. farrington

Picture Perfect
Misty Erwin

Pilate's Key
J. Alexander Greenwood

Pilgrim Shadows
Melanie McEwen

Plant Teacher
Caroline Alethia

Point Deception
Jim Gilliam

Ponies For My Father
Charles Beaver

John Francois

Postcards Never Written
Janita Van de Velde

Power and Tender
Margaret Russell

Wanda Thomas Littles

Presidential Migraines
Fritz Strobl

J.E. Fishman

Steve Madeline

Project Reunion - It's All About Me!
Laura Macy
" ,"

Promised Valley Rebellion
Ron Fritsch

Promised Valley War
Ron Fritsch

Justin Mackenzie

Prophetic (Book one of Nightmares)
Brandon Petryna

Protect & Serve: K-9 Policewoman
Maria Larsen

Carol Smilgin

Psy Mind: Deadly Reckoning
Virginia Val Chanda

Purgatory Road
Peter J. Earle

Louis McCarter

Quanatum Cowboy
David L. Brown

Queen Of The Everglades
Robert Blaske

Quest for the Blue Crystal
W. D. County

Randy's Miracle
Donald Rogers
978 1 4568 8118 4

Red Sky At Morning
John McLaughlin

Remington & the Mysterious Fedora
Chuck Waldron

James McCreath

Rise of the Red Crescent
K. C. Lindberg
not listed

Rising Sunsets
D.H. Cermeno

Rite of Revenge
John R. Todd (Sam Fluharty)

RIVER RAT (A Lucy DelRose Mystery Series)

Room 1515
Bill Wetterman

Roswell Redemption
Cindi Crane

Roxy Blues
Pierce Kelley

Rubber Soul
Bobby Logan

Rylee Rising
Marsha Hinton

Safely Buried
John Pesta

Saigon Tea
Louis McCarter

Samson And Sunset
Dorothy Annie Schritt

Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love
Sebastian Cole

Saving Snowflakes in My Pocket
Barbara Jean Ruther

Ella Steele

Sea of Secrets
Amanda DeWees

Joe Heino

Second Lisa
Veronica Knox

Secotan: An Alternative Energy Novel
Henry Gorham
not given

Secret Affair
Melissa Love

Lucille Skelton

Secrets Among Us
Joy Cieslarski

"Secrets of the Amulet, Book One of the Exelorn Trilogy"
Brian del Rio

Sedona: The Lost Vortex
Mikel J. Wilson

Sempre (Forever)
JM Darhower

Separate Worlds
W. Almas Tynan

Served Cold
Chuck Waldron

"Setanta, The Warped One"
Sean Doyle

L. N. Jennings

Seventh Journey
Robert J. R Graham

Sgarrwrath Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope
Sarah Kennedy

Shades of Gray
Kim Sanders

Shades of Gray
Andy Holloman

Shadow Dragon
Lance Horton (Under construction)

"Shadow on the Wall (The SandStorm Chronicles, #1)"
Pavarti K Tyler

Shadows and Fire
Jennifer Fales

Shadows Over Bigelow Manor
Judy Conlin

Kelly Z. Conrad

David Paul Collins

"Shangji Long, The Dragon King"
Stan Young

Shattered Destiny: Book Two of the Portals of Destiny
Shay Fabbro

Shermans Creek
Ronald A. Hopkins

Shipping and Deceiving
Tina deCoux

Showdown in the Capital
Rob Shumaker

Sicillian Spring
David Y. Wilcox

Silence on the Seet Grass River
Barb Schmeling

Silissia's Dilemma
F. Whitney Harrington

Meagan Donohue

Gina Cresse

Sins of My Brother
Michael Hake

Sleeping Crimes
Joyce Slobogian

Slightly Mad Scientists
James F. Smith


Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead
Christiana Miller

Somethin' Warm for Christmas
Sharon Crites
ISBN 978-1-5-8909-943-2

Soulless Ending
Blaine Blade

Lucia Cascioli

Splintered Souls
Cynthia Lyn Klein

Star Time
Henry Melton

Stelletwal - Deception & Illumination
Tiffany Carmel Lake or

Stelletwal - Sacrifice
Tiffany Carmel Lake or

Stories Spun by Scenes
Jaime Conlan

Douglas Wentworth

Strangler Figs
Peggy Chittenden Brown

Strike at the Giant
Jim Harrington

Strung Out
Gigi Arnold

Sunrise Caye
Lloyd Christensen

albert j. tiseo

Surviving Emily
Laurie Bellesheim

Sworn to Secrecy-For Life
Charles Joseph Fickey

Sydney West
Rebecca McKinsey

Talcon Star City
Gary Caplan

Tales from Gulinger High
Julie Steimle

Tales of Hilroko
Joshua Johnson

W.C. Hatounian

The 2012 Project: A Novel
Edward Marin

The Accidental Don
Guy J. Tirondola

The Alien Who Preferred Fish
Blaine C. Readler

The Alley of Angels
Michael Adams

The Alpha And The Omega
David Downey

The Analyst
P. T. Dawkins

The Angel With Out Wings
Robbie Forester Howerton

The Angels of Resistance
David V. Mammina

The Apparition
Taylor Nash

The Arkin
Tom Doppke

The Ata Bita Pie Cafe
Bonnie Drury

The Ballad of the Shirley T and Other Stories
Perrin Cothran Conrad

The Bane of Yoto
Joshua Viola with Nicholas Karpuk

The Beads of Lapis Lazuli
Doris Kenney Marcotte

The Beautiful American
Marilyn Holdsworth

The Benediction
Joyce McDonald

The Blue Poppy
Robert W. Welkos

The Bog
John P Smith

"The Bow of Heaven, Book I: The Other Alexander"
Andrew Levkoff

The Bridge Over the Bering Strait
J James Cotter

The Burning of The Piping Rock
Joseph Cutshall-King

The Butterfly Effect
Mildred Davis & Katherine Roome

The Caldarian Conflict
Mike Kalmbach

The Case of the Locked Drawer
Larry Winebrenner

Sample Page

the Catcher
Gary Towers and Genevieve Frazier

The Chelsea Project
Jack Stamp

The Chevalier d'Argentolle
H.M. Samkange

The Chronicles of a Titan Brianan: Transformation
Shakeelah Rahmaan

The Chronicles of Aelwyr
Arden Tenjou

The City of Lost Secrets
Katie McVay

The Code Game
J. E. Owen

The Color of Evil
Connie (Corcoran) Wilson

The Conspiracy - The Black Sheep Squadron Strikes Back
Birgit and Roger Pratcher

The Crying House
Jillian Osborn

The Cuban Affair
Jim Hughes

The Dark Before Dawn
Laurie Stevens

The Dark Hill
Kristal Lee

The Dark Side of Paradise
Eleanor Clarke Yukic

The Darkness Revenge of the Rising Sun
Charita Padilla

The Days Of The Org
Timberline Davis

The Dead Stroll
Edward L. Mercer or

The Deadly Fisherman
Joseph J. Burke

The Death of Eve
Shaun Penney

The Deltium
Richard DeFabio

The Diminished Man
Charles E.Schwarz

The Dog Strar Conspiracy
Robert J. Fortin;;

The Effects Of Being Alone
clayton jasper

The Embalming Room
Sharon Previti (pseudonym-D.F. McPhee)

The Faded Tapestry
Christy Burkley

The Falcon Dirk
Clark G Vanderpool

The Falcon Fund
Dennis C. Morris and John Ferguson (deceased)

The Fall of Nature
Emily Jayne

The Final Reality
Stephen Martino

The Fitzgerald File
Linda K. Smith


The Foreign Language of Friends
Nadine Galinsky Feldman

The Forgettable Girl
Debbie D'Oyley

The Forgotten A Love Story
Janice Brantle

The Garbage Men
Travis Smith The Garbage Men &

The Gathering of the Dimensional Light Riders
Jimmy Videle

The Genesis Signature
Robert D. Trebilcock

The Gods of Fall: the Immortali
Shawn-Paul Allison
not given

The Grandfather Clause
"Philip A. Genovese, Jr."

The Guardians of Light
Akiva Goldman

The Happiness Lottery
Elizabeth Zinn

The Hard Way
Wayne Hancock

The Highest Destiny
Dolores A McCabe

The Hometown
Leena Ceraveeni

The House on Shadow Lane
Robert Heylmun;

The Immortals: Kama Lotz
Daniel Newell

The Insanity Within
Pat Wisniewski
"Google (Amazon, Barnes & Noble)"

The Irish Twins
Bob Huerter

The Jane Doe Murders
Philip B. Rowe

The Jesuit Papers

The Kurchatov Penetration
Timothy S. Jacobson

The Land Of Neglect
Timberline Davis

The Last Confession
Justin Stanisic

The Law is My Shepherd
Don Kilcoyne

The Legend of Deadwood/ The Adventures of a Young Gunfighter
John B. Carter

The Locket
Emily Nelson

The Lonely Detective Solves The No Sexual Tension Murder Mystery
Charles E.Schwarz

The Lost Spy
Jerome Sanford

The Magnum Opus of LeonARTo da VINO
Chuck Gray

The Man of God: A Story About Forgiveness
Rev. Dr. Wendy R. Coleman

The Man Who Saved Two Notch
R.W. Ridley

The Message
JR Sellazzo

The Moon Comes Nearer
Guy Nair

The Mysterious Lady of Lakeview
Judy Conlin

The Nude
Margaret Sisu

The Old Queen and the Maui Maiden
Michael A. Herr

The Orchid Bracelet
Freddie Remza

The Original Order
Michael Vladimirivich Trisho

The Pact (Celia Kelly Mystery Series)
CN Bring

The Painter
Mary Jane Forbes

The Paragon Element
Jeff Hale and Lezlee Cheek Hale

The Parrot's Perch
Karen Keilt

The Peacemaker
S.J. Richard

The Perplexing Problem of the Porcelain Bandits
Dan Johnson

The Pledge - Life Is External and So Is Love
Linda Everett Moye

John Cavi

The Prince Wore Cowboy Boots
Janet Foret Lococo

The Remnant: The Legend of the Seer
Micah Chrisman

The Return of the Ancient Ones
Gary Caplan

The Rose Chateau
Rebecca Monaco

T. Thomas Ackerman

The Samsara Effect
Paul Black

The Sand Bar
Rebecca Bryan /thesandbar

The Search for Judd McCarthy
Dennis M. Clausen

The Secret of Zormna Clendar
Julie Steimle

The Silent Call
James L Diffin

The Silk Weaver's Daughter
Elizabeth Kales

The Silver Spoon
K. T. Archer

The Sorcerer's Mask
Jvictor Black

The Soul of Fenway
S. J. Wilson

The Soul Reader
Gerard D. Webster

The Sound of One Horse Dancing
Tom Baker

The Sun King Prophecy
Jim Packheiser

The Sweet Call of Trouble
Felicity Beadsmoore

The Sylvan Song
Phin Scardaw

The Tourist of Zenda
Christine Merrill

The Toymaker
Chuck Barrett


The Tunisian
Melinda Thompson

The Universal Essence
Dean Lincoln Minton

The Unsimple Truth
J. Renee' LaCour

The Utopia of Noah Lazarus
Penni Jones

The Victor
Marlayne Giron

The Walkin
James J. Collins

The Water's Edge
Beverly Rathbun

The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation
Belinda Vasquez Garcia

The Women in White
Silvie Vargas;

The Zygan Emprise
Y S Pascal

Theo & The Mouthful Of Ashes
Ron Rhody

Theo's Story
Ron Rhody

This We Will Defend
Thomas S. Pessini;;

Thomas Jefferson: Lessons from a Secret Buddha

Three Questions
Meagan Adele Lopez

Through the Third Eye
Lynn Boston

Through the Triangle
Charles P. Stewart

Thunder in the Capital
Rob Shumaker

Tiger Paw
Charles A Cornell

Tiger-Man: An Uncertain Time
Matthew Hemenway

Timeslingers: Season 1
Jay Sherer

To Kill The Duke
Sam Moffie

To Love and To Cheat
Theresa E. Liggins

Tocqueville's Virus
Robert M. Brown

W.C. Hatounian

Torn Ribbons
Michelle Moschetti

Toto Too - The true story of what happened over the rainbow
Richard Perreault

Touched by the Sun
Karla Brandenburg

Trapped in Epitome
Amy Ivan

Treasure Me
Christine Nolfi; barnes&; bam international distribution

Tree of Life
Chris Loveway (pen name)

Trial of Honor: A Novel of a Court-Martial
David Norton Stone

Tribulation's Seven Seals
John & Patty Probst

Truitt's Fix
Rex Evans Wood

Trust no One
Mike thompson

Shayne Woodsmith

Two Out Of Three
M. M. Silva

George Beddingfield

Uncommon Bond
C L Gillmore

unconditional loss
orrin lippoff & mladen solar

Unnatural Selection
Thomas Pryce

Unruly Princess
Marcelle Thiebaux

Unspent Time
Graham Parke

Vaetra Unveiled
Daniel R. Marvello

Vagabond Delight
Su Shortridge

Valentine's Revenge
Chuck Buchanan

Galen Snowden

PJ Hick

Waiting for Bones
Donna Cousins

Wally Wander
Nora Melia

War Starter
Clyde Nassau

winfred cook

K Jered Mayer

West Pacific Supers: Rising Tide
K.M. Johnson-Weider

What Is ...? (12.5 short stories)
Frederick J. Blahnik

What Is Love? Perspectives On Love
Fadi Hattendorf

When I Remember
Sharon Edwards

When The Shade Comes Over
Will Davis

"Whispers of a Legend, Volume I"
Carrie James Haynes

White Ivory From The Museum
Roy Carl Weiler Sr.

Wings of Twilight
Hans Cummings

Winter Goldfinch
Jayne Davis Wall

Bonnie Watson

Within: A Medical Suspense Novel
Ben Scott Craig

Donald MacPhail

Zoey's Tale & Other Short Fiction
Rod Haynes

Children's Picture books
Life Stories
Mainstream/Literary Fiction
Middle-Grade/Young Adult books
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What Is the Hook, the Book, and Cook Query Pitching Technique for Writers?

What Is the Hook, the Book, and the Cook Query Pitching Technique for Writers?

Find out what "the hook, the book, and the cook" are in relation to writing query letters and pitching books to literary agents and book editors. This post answers the question of what each one is and how to successfully assemble the pieces.

Romance Retellings of Literary Classics

Romance Retellings of Literary Classics

Author Chloe Liese makes a case for the romance genre being the natural home for retellings, and shares some tips on how to write a successful romance retelling of literary classics.

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

2022 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 30

For the 2022 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, poets are tasked with writing a poem a day in the month of November before assembling a chapbook manuscript in the month of December. And now we're on Day 30.

Rae Meadows: On a Personal Passion Inspiring Literary Fiction

Rae Meadows: On a Personal Passion Inspiring Literary Fiction

Award-winning author Rae Meadows discusses how her lifelong love of gymnastics helped inspire her new literary novel, Winterland.

The Fae

The Fae

Every writer needs a little inspiration once in a while. For today's prompt, your character discovers that there are fae in their backyard.

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

2022 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 29

For the 2022 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, poets are tasked with writing a poem a day in the month of November before assembling a chapbook manuscript in the month of December. Day 29 features our fifth (and final) Two-for-Tuesday prompt.

From Script

A Twist on the Holiday Romantic Comedy (From Script)

In this week’s round up brought to us by Script magazine, acclaimed filmmaker Charles Shyer shares with Script his twist on the holiday romantic comedy in his new film The Noel Diary, and more.

Sugar House Review Market Spotlight quote

Sugar House Review: Market Spotlight

For this week's market spotlight, we look at Sugar House Review, a nonprofit poetry publication based out of Utah.

November PAD Chapbook Challenge

2022 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 28

For the 2022 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, poets are tasked with writing a poem a day in the month of November before assembling a chapbook manuscript in the month of December. Day 28 is remix time.