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20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards-Children’s/Picture books

Thank you to all the participants in our 20th Annual Self-Published Book Awards. Please see below for a list of books entered into the Children's/Picture Book category.

"""Eh, Spaghetti You Say?"""
Karen Leis Welsh

A Book About Book
Susan Litsios

A Bug in the House
Lisa Cozza

A Dragon Called Ivan
Terri Wenzel

A Farewell to Featherwagons
Beckie Jas

A Guardian Angel's Lesson
Deanna Hurtubise;; barnesand

A Lump of Clay
Dr. Bobby Holliday

A Moment of Quiet is Nothing to Fear
Christine Gardner

A Town Without Socks
Margaret Taylor

A Very Special Christmas Delivery
Guerrino Thomas Rich

Adolpheaux The Adventurous Dolphin
Tommie Townsley

Adventures of The Little Red Car: Journey to The Pyramids
Stephanie Salvatori Togni

Aletheia the Magic Butterfly
Alicia Curiel

Alex's Birthday Surprises
Glenda Colleen Gambil,

All About Color Blindness: A Guide to Color Vision Deficiency for Kids (and Grown-ups Too)
Karen Rae Levine

Amos The Artistic Alligator
Tommie Townsley

Annabella's bully
Wendy Taylor

Arlo Goes to the Dentist
Karisa Lowe

Bats are for Baseball! Bones are for Dogs!
Wendy J. Ormsby

Bella's Birthday Surprise
Katie Mueller

Ben the English Afghan hound
theresa hanlon

Bikers are Animals 3 - On the Road
Paul Jamiol

Bintu's Dance
Samuel Hinton

"Bloop, Bloop! Goes the Poop"
Temara Moore

"Bobby Asks, ""Why?"""
Maria Silverstein

Bobby The Bowler and the Fearless Five
Robert J. Friedman

Boston North Shore's...Teeny Tiny Ticks
Mary Anne Micehi

Briana Goes Green
Sahar Simmons

"Bubblie, the martian"
Regina Mahoney

Buddy The Duck Gets Lost
Rick Sheninger

Buford The Bully
June Pierce

Can We Play Again?
Corine Dehghanpisheh

Celebrate Advent - 25 Legends
Judith Vicary Swisher

Chickadees At Night
Bill O. Smith

Children's Poem & Rhymes
Gula H. Palmer
not given

Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden
Kathy M.Miller

Christmas Treena
Carol A. Hanzl Birkas

Christopher Lee and Bozzie Bear
Gretchen Napolitano

Chubby Wubbles
M. J. Abrams

Chuck the Wrong Way Duck
Lisa Osiecki

"Clutter, Packs and Prides"
Robyn Wyman-Dill

Cowgirls in Cahoots
Lisa Lynch

Dave's Dreadful Adventure in the Land of Fright
M. Diane Bairstow

Edith Ann Marie the Sun is in My Heart
Lynne Carol Austin;

Emma Snaggletooth
Lisa Lynch

Flower No Power

Four Girls: A Lot of Choices
Toneal Jackson

Frolicking Friends
Karen Leis Welsh

Get that Grasshopper!
Kathy Johnston

Go for the Green
Jerri Lawrence Acree

Gus Greenbear & the Beijing Fortune Cookie Caper
Sandra Riley & Peggy C. Hall

Halloween Ball
Peggy Howe

Harvel Goes To The Farm
John Pate

Hawk & Crow: Collision in the Sky
Marcie Gibbons;

Millie Richmond (Book #85148)

Honey Bun And Chip
michael hardesty

How Do You Hide A Dinosaur?
Ronald J. Robledo

How Money Got Started
Jack Calnan

I Don't Want To Share A Bedroom
F. Michael Lynch

I is for Ireland An Alphabetical Tour
Viki Pidgeon

I Remember When...
Dawn Wynne

I Want You to Know: The Wonder of God
Kirk Jackson

If You Don't Like My Book: Go Out and Write One!
Alex Cove

I'm Just One Mommy

In The Land of Six and Seven
Denise Whelan

"It's Hard To Be Big, It's Hard To Be Small"
Merridy Gale Kotler

Joining Forces with Glory
Lisa Mallen

Juanita's Flowers
Sally Spencer

Just Because
Amber Housey

Katie's First Day Of School-The Adventures Of Mrs. Swirlie
Kimberly Wick

Kite Flying in the village: A Guyanese girl's story
Myrtle Watson

Kylie's Special Treat: A Food Allergy Fairy Tale
Letizia Barbetta

Laura and Grandpa--Discovering Science Together
Dr. Robert H. Krupp

"Lila and Leo, To and Fro, Off to the Doc We Go!"
Meghan Wilkins

Max The Motorcycle
Jennifer Phillips

Maya and Teddy Take a Walk
A. J. Gillard

Mi Gato
Wayne Edmonds

Miracle Dogs of Portugal
Tracy Aiello

Missy's Birthday Surprise
Victoria Jones

Momma's Magic
B. Salvin

"Mommy, Daddy, I Had a Bad Dream"
Martha Heineman Pieper

Moon Over Bioko; Sea Turtles of Bioko Island
Heidi Rader

Mother Earth Loses her Hat and Boots
Diane Therrien (pen name Kamon)

Mud Boots
Mary Stern

My Daddy calls me Princess
Calvyn Couche

My Daddy Loves Boston College Football
Michael Shoule

My Elephant Did It
Sirrico Whitfield

My Gift to the World
Miriam Lizette Geisler

My Monster Burrufu
Alberto Corral

My Personal Panther
Jerry Cesak

Naughty Little Boy
Angela Brent-Harris!/angelabrentharris1

No Sweets For Santa
John Graham

Odd Friends
Edith Misa Jackson
not given

One Big Berry
Martine Gaudissart

Amber Tayler

Peeky J. Flabbycat and Her Street Sweeper
Debbie Egolf

Pegasus -- A Dragon's Tale
Gina LoBiondo

Playful Moon
Michelle Leclaire O'Neill

Pookie the Roo and Friends Survive the Floods.
Deborah Gray/ Jennifer Stevens / Sheryl Garrick

"Pop the Bubbles 1,2,3"
Jennifer Goble

Princess Chantik and the Outside World
Glenn Berger

Professor Googol's Math Primer
"Samuel W. Valenza, Jr."

Queen vernita Meets sir HeathyBean the Astronomer
Dawn Menge

Queen Vernita visits the Blue Ice Mountains
Dawn Menge

Queen Vernita Visits the Islands of Enchantment
Dawn Menge

Quincy finds A New Home
Camille Matthews

Qunicy Moves to the Desert
Camille Matthews

Rags to Riches - A Dog's Tale of Hope and Friendship
Carey McKeon Pearson & Patti Nero Kivestu

Rainbows and Me
Cheyenne Robinson and LaSean Robinson;

Rambling Squirrel
Wendy Laird

Roadtrip to the parks!
Michael A. DiLorenzo

Ryan is Moving Away
Emi Mead

Sal Amander and the Lounge Lizards
Dan Blackley

Sandbox Sandshoes - A Max & Maggie Story
Catherine J. Eddy

Schoolhouse Lunchbox Poems
Dyora Kinsey

Smarty Pig
Molly Nero

Snatch That Cat
"Larry Buttram, Paul Richardson"

"Sorry Tabitha, but you are too little!"
Lori Aldrich
not applicable


STRUFFEL: Struffel's Walk • Struffel's New Bed
Susan M. Maithya

Tales of Wordishure
Mick McArt

Tatianna's Baby Blues
Donna Godwin

The ABC's Of Character
Laura Sabin Cabanillas

The Adventures of Blythe and Sage: The First Day of Pre-K
Kimberlee Cox-Benjamin

The Adventures of Little Boy Brown
Lexie Lucas

The Adventures of Molly and Duffy
Emily M. Leingang

The Alphabet
Dina Bokor

The Berry Patch Ponies
Kenesha Schug

The Big Smile
Beth Hymowitz ;

The Boy Who Wouldn't Sit Still!
Sharon Lester

The Cats of Logwood Lane: Daisy Finds A Home
Linda M. Thomas

The Christmas Cave
Lisa Demeter

The Cutout
Susan Litsios

The Daring Adventure of Bella & Sweet Pea
M. Diane Bairstow

The Doctor's Little Stowaway
Carol Bender;;

The Dragon Portrait
Susan Litsios

The Dreamz Friendz and the Magic Well
Michael King

The Easter Bunny That Grew Up
Gretta Parker

The Fable of the Snake Named Slim
Doug Snelson

The Flower
Wendy Taylor

The Gentle Pine's Purpose
Candace George Conradi

The Gift of Life
Kimberly Mattison

The Goosie's New Pond
Aunt Kimmie Bebo

The High-Tech Goosneck Putter
Samuel DiMatteo and Kristin Johnson

The Last Flower
Caron Sisko

The Last Ornament
Judith Vicary Swisher

The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant
Jason J. Marchi

The Life Cycle of a Snowman
Gwendolin Reader

The Little Butterfly Girl
Brooke M. Brown

The Little Pine Tree
Dorothy Clare Green

The Little Rose
Sheri Fink

The Magic Spoon
Richard DeFabio

The Man Who Loved Violins
Suzanne Wallace
not given

The Mutt & the Mustang
Judy Archibald

The Not-a-Bunny
Katie Mirzoyan

The Pirate Dreamer
Laura Toich;

The Pond in Happy Hollow
John Mazur

The Reluctant Dog
Dina Wills

The Sophisticated Slug
Tina A. Morgan

The Spider's Story
Susan Litsios

The Story Of Squeaks: Princess Baby Meets Squeaks
Ronda Moree

The Tale of Rusty Horse
Emily Lim

The Three Betty Goats Griff
Annette Gagliardi

Kele Sewell
" Underbed Entertainment Network, Kele Sewell"

The Waterslide
"Brett A. Bodway (deceased), Contributions by Karen Duerre Bodway (widow)"

The Whale Shark Song
Sadie James

The What If World Of Torcellee Twist
Diana Barnicle

There's a Fly in my Ear
Susan Larson

This Is The Cat That Roared
Linda Auteri

Three Chubby Bears - Bored?
Renee LaMontagne Creasey

Rex B. Valentine

Toe Jam
LeeAnn Piermont Camut

T-Rex Roars No More
Lisa Osiecki

Uncle Jon & Stuffy the Cat
Barbara D. Hall

What Could A Kid Do?
Sandra J. Parsons

What's Wrong With Gibson? Learning About K-9 Epilepsy
Dorothy Wills-Raftery

When Grandmother Was A Little Girl
Harris T. Vincent

Where Is the Number?
John Mazur

Why the Dog Chases the Cat and the Cat Chases the Mouse
K.L. Vaniko

Will You Fill My Bucket?
Carol McCloud

Wilson Learns Manners!
Susan Castriota

With A Hat Like That
Debbie MacGougan

Pierre Lalonde

Wooster the Rooster
Sally J. Zolkosky Labadie

Would You Still Love Me If...
Wendy LaGuardia;

Would You Still Love Me If...
Wendy LaGuardia

You Don't Have to Like it
Norma Esperanzate-Buenafe

Genre Fiction
Life Stories
Mainstream/Literary Fiction
Middle-Grade/Young Adult books
Reference Books

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