On Dream Jobs, Doing TV, and Pickpocketing Hippies

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Last week I did some TV stuff for the Boston news show Chronicle, in
which I brought them around to some "insidery gems" in the city and
talked about what made the places cool and what I saw as trends in
Boston style for men. This is hilarious on several levels, the first
being that I actually am considered some sort of expert on anything,
but the shoot was fun, and I probably used the words "authentic" and
vintage-esque at least eleven times per scene on camera. Also, for
your own future benefit--should you find yourself unexpectedly on a
news show-- do NOT eat a Sour Apple Blow Pop right before you're
supposed to go on camera. Multi-colored tongues are not "in" right now.

Anyway, I am on a severe and utterly close deadline for Boston
Magazine right now. The story is there waiting for me to nail it, but
I keep being occupied by small tangential pieces of said story, and
only seem to be able to work between the hours of 2-4 AM, which used
to be fine, but now makes it impossible for me to do my day job
without falling asleep in Espresso Royale and leaving myself
vulnerable to pickpocketing by some of the less chill, more nefarious
looking hippies.

It also is taking me awhile to get back into writing in the long form
after spending the last three or four months exclusively writing and
editing pieces that fall in the 200 word realm. Freedom of (word)
expression is a mixed bag, friends. You always complain about wanting
to "write the way you want" and "in your voice" and truly make
something "completely original" but then, when you're finally given
that chance, most likely you just sit there reading old issues of
Esquire and praying that some sort of writerly osmosis will transfer
their skills into your work while you watch Weeds.

With most of that said, I have a request. I want to know about dream
jobs. The one writing job that you wish you could have. The more
specific the better (don't just say you want to write for Tiger Beat,
say you want to be the senior editor, etc, etc, etc) and how you
imagine that someone would get that job. I'll reveal mine in the
Commenting portion of the show and tell.

Luv to Luv,
to Luv Ya.

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