Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure Vol 3

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You, friends, know what time it is. It's time for the third installation of what critics have called, "kind of lazy, but definitely better than listening to you rattle on for 600 words about the HBO show True Blood," the CYCA3!

Directions: Read the graf pertaining to our protagonist Casey, and then take it in whatever way you deem necessary to extend the story, following along from the point where the person commenting above left it. And try not to spend too much time on your part or someone else may come sweeping in and post from the same place, leaving us with two Robert Frost-esque Roads to Travel Down, neither of which wants to end up less traveled.

Anyway, let's get to the real thing:
Casey is at the bar and it's packed. He moves past a crowd of girls in skinny jeans and high boots sipping 64 calorie MGD 64 or vodka sodas or both, and runs right into a pack of dudes eyeing the chicks. The guys are also wearing skinny jeans.
"Oh man," Case says, looking down at his straight leg denim, "why did she have to pick an Allston bar?"
He spots her in the corner. Aron is just under five feet tall and pretty, with green eyes and dark hair that Case describes in his diary as "raven." He starts to walk up to her, with a smile on his face, but her eyes are telling him that something is up. Then, as he gets close, her mouth does the thing that her eyes were trying to do, but better: "He's here," she says, keeping her eyes straight ahead. "And I'm pretty sure he knows."

AHHHHH??!! OMG! Knows what? Who is he? And why are they at a bar in Allston surrounded by people in skinny jeanz?? That, friends, is up to you... Unleash the writing hounds.

See my,

Mr. Burns

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