Choose Your Own Commenting Adventure Part Deux

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Something Kind of Suspicious (Maybe)

Welcome back to our 2nd edition of the Choose Your Own Commenting
Adventure. As we stated with the first one, have fun with it, but also, try and
keep your comments relatively quick, because the longer you sit
deciding what to do, the more likely it is that someone else may come
in and add their own amazing iambic pentameter digression from the
same point you are. But, honestly, just have fun. At our protagonist
Casey's expense. Again.

Starting point:

Casey walked into the office, pissed. This was the third time that
it had happened this week. As he walked into the office, he noticed a
blue car parked outside the building. The driver was wearing the same
wraparound Oakley-style sunglasses that he'd seen on the guy sitting
against the window at Anna's Taqueria. "Weird," Casey thought, "those
are totally 90s." When he got back to his desk, he say a Hallmark
card sitting open on his desk. The card had clouds on the front and a
clever saying about puppies. The inside of the card was blank except
for a cut out piece of computer text in Georgia 14 pt font that said,
"We know."
Suddenly a female voice called out from behind him, "...

WTF?!!?!?! Right? It's your move, friends. Off you go.