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WD Poetic Form Challenge: The Blitz Poem Winner

Learn the winner and Top 10 list for the Writer’s Digest Poetic Form Challenge for the blitz.

Here are the results of the Writer's Digest Poetic Form Challenge for the blitz along with a Top 10 list. You can check out all the blitz entries in the comments on this post.

Click here at any time to see what current WD Poetic Form Challenge we're running. Our next WD Poetic Form Challenge will likely launch next week.

Here is the winning blitz poem:

"Tongue of Silence," by Lelawattee Mano-Rahming

Bite a mango
Bite my tongue
Tongue hot like pepper
Tongue tastes salt
Salt from mountain mine
Salt from sea
Sea like glass
Sea in summer
Summer icy lemonade
Summer holiday rum punch
Punch down dough
Punch line of joke
Joke is on me
Joke and laugh
Laugh till you cry
Laugh and live
Live it up
Live it down
Down the islands
Down the road
Road to happiness
Road to hearts
Hearts of diamonds
Hearts of steel
Steel built to last
Steel that's stainless
Stainless and smooth
Stainless and baby new
New to the brand
New to game
Game of soccer
Game of chance
Chance of rain
Chance to win
Win or lose
Win with a broad smile
Smile that's cute
Smile that beams
Beams from lighthouse
Beams of sunshine
Sunshine and halos
Sunshine and shadows
Shadows of glory
Shadows in home
Home with you
Home where there's silence
Silence when you're away
Silence when you're gone


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Congratulations, Lelawattee Mano-Rahming! Like many of the top blitz poems I read, "Tongue of Silence" kept my attention from beginning to end, but I really enjoyed the set up of the final two lines ("gone/away") paired with the poem's title.

Here’s my Top 10 list:

  1. Tongue of Silence, by Lelawattee Mano-Rahming
  2. Up to Chance, by Lisa Stead
  3. Peaks of Light, by Taylor Graham
  4. Frozen From Woe, by Steven Robertson
  5. key unto others, by gpr crane
  6. Dad and Legacy, by Gabby Gilliam
  7. Go by Dragon, by Tracy Davidson
  8. Windows into Dreams, by Jason Weber
  9. Our Entangling, by Lanning Lee
  10. Later Beyond Sound, by Annie Newcomer

Congratulations to everyone in the Top 10! And to everyone who wrote the blitz!

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