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I'm a little late and may have pushed myself just a little too much today, but Tammy helped me near the end, and I've got the results to The Big 10 Challenge!

After reading through pages and pages of great poems (and more than a little spam), I finally landed on a winner for this 10-line, 10-syllable poetic challenge: Brett Elizabeth Jenkins. Her poem, "Oak Harbor, Ohio," will be featured in "The Big 10" September issue of Writer's

Here is her winning poem:

Oak Harbor, Ohio, by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Ohio summer lived me out: waiting
binoculared on the porch for birds to

swoop near apple trees. Shimmying on bent
trees over the river, small hands skipping

small stones, collecting pine cones and stumbling
home over my knees, stinking of ever-

green. Would that I could have back that blonde hair,
those sky blue eyes, clouds rolling back my head,

tumbling down the grass slip, unraveling
like a falling angel in a blue dress.


Please congratulate, Brett! But also congratulate these other poets who made the Top 10 list:

  1. "Oak Harbor, Ohio," by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins
  2. "Emily Dickinson in Autumn," by Marissa Coon Rose
  3. "Loss," by Gil Gallagher
  4. "the tender season," by Kathy in the Wallowes Bowman
  5. "Spring Thaw 2011," by Ruth E. Walker
  6. "Old Lover," by Pris Campbell
  7. "Patience," by Jane Shlensky
  8. "Variegated, Motley Triangle," by Anders Bylund
  9. "Squelch!," by Colin Graham
  10. "Oysters," by Kim King

also like to thank everyone who participated. As many of you know, I
find it difficult to pick a winner and to even get the list down to a
Top 10, because there are so many great poems offered at every

I can't wait to see you at the next one!

Also, if you'd like to check out the other poems that didn't win (and yes, a lot of links from spambots), then you can do so easily by clicking here and reading through the Comments.


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