WD Poetic Form Challenge: Senryu Winner

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The cool thing about these short form challenges is that there are a lot of submissions. Of course, that's also the challenging part of judging these, especially when so many are so good.

It's amazing how big such a small poem can be.

And the winner for this challenge is Michelle Hed!



Since senryu are so short, I'm going to list the top 10 poems. Here they are:

1. Michelle Hed

IV drips
drowned out by the rattle
of his last breath

2. Mara Radja

Mom, you've been mad
for years now, I still miss the
sound of stilettos.

3. Amy Glamos

Wide blue eyes glancing
upward where her aim is fixed;
petite ambition.

4. William Preston

Musicians perform
happily at the mall.
Deaf schoolchildren watch.

5. An Mayou

dandelion wish
all my little dreams
floating, floating

6. Tracy Davidson

his punch-bag
at evening school I learn
to hit back

7. Nicholas Vaughan

Christmas card from Mum
My cool heart quickens then stops
His name is missing

8. colindardis

Regret: I should have
left more fingerprints on you;
now invisible.

9. Andrew Kreider

My son keeps his hands
in his lap throughout the meal
He looks down and smiles

10. Jane Shlensky

Buttressed by her strong
bra and girdle, she rose to
one more occasion.


Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 10! And to everyone who participated!

My short list was comprised of 41 senryu--so the competition was, well, competitive. (Click here to read them all.)

The next challenge is just around the corner.


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