WD Poetic Form Challenge: Rondeau

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Just what everyone needs: Another poetic challenge (in the middle of a poem-a-day challenge, no less).

For this Writer's Digest Poetic Form Challenge, I'm asking poets to
write a rondeau. The rondeau is one of those fun and tricky French forms that personally I love. Click here to read my earlier post on how to write a rondeau.

As in previous challenges, the winner will be featured in a future issue of Writer's Digest (the March/April 2011 issue to be precise).

The rondeau has some pretty strict rules, which can be both a good and bad thing. If you want to really test yourself, try writing a rondeau or two as part of your November PAD Chapbook Challenge. (Again, click on my earlier post if you need an example.)

Click here to read the general rules for the WD Poetic Form Challenge.

The deadline for the rondeau challenge is November 22, 2010. So get poeming French style today.


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