Luc Bat Poems: Poetic Form

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The luc bat is a Vietnamese poetic form that means "six-eight." In fact, the poem consists of alternating lines of six and eight syllables. This poem is interesting in its rhyme scheme that renews at the end of every eight-syllable line and rhymes on the sixth syllable of both lines.

Here's a diagram of how the first few lines of luc bat poems should rhyme:


And so on. Luc bat poems have no set length or subject matter, and some run on for thousands of lines.

Here's my attempt at a luc bat poem:


Sometimes, I'd rather start
close to the middle part of love
after the stars above
but before crying doves fly off
in a Boris Karloff
and David Hasselhoff type way
near the end of a play
about a rainy day gone bad--
the end is always sad
with someone being had--you know,
a medias res show.


Feel free to share your own attempts below, but realize that there may be another WD Poetic Form Challenge just around the corner (hint, hint).

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