I am so excited! When I took my very first creative writing poetry course in my very first quarter of college at the University of Cincinnati, I was introduced to The Teachers & Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms, and my mind was blown by this "new to me" concept of poetic forms. Instantly, I saw them for what they were: Poetic games!

I immediately fell in with the villanelle and pantoum. By my second quarter of college, I'd written more than 40 (horrible) sestinas. I was in love! And that's why I couldn't be any more excited to share that I've assembled a new digital guide of more than 100 poetic forms: The Complete Guide of Poetic Forms: 100+ Poetic Form Definitions and Examples for Poets.

This guide collects my old favorites, sure, but it also brings together so many forms I've discovered since college, including the golden shovel, erasure and blackout poetry, shadorma, triversen, catena rondo, and more! My inner teenage poet self is so stoked!

The Complete Guide of Poetic Forms

To make it easier for reference, I've separated the forms into eight main categories:

  • Contemporary Poetic Forms French Poetic Forms Irish Poetic Forms Italian Poetic Forms Japanese Poetic Forms Spanish Poetic Forms Welsh Poetic Forms More Poetic Forms

Each form includes a break down of the guidelines and an example poem to use as reference, so that other poets can start having fun playing these poetic games too!

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