Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaigecht: Poetic Forms

Poetic Form Fridays are made to share various poetic forms. This week, we look at the cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht, an Irish quatrain form.
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Poetic forms are great poetic games for poets to play with. Today, we look at the cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht, an Irish quatrain form.

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Cro Cumaisc Etir Casbairdni Ocus Lethrannaigecht Poems

The cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht is an Irish poetic form, which means there are quite a few rules about rhyming and syllables (plus, it has a really long name). But, like other Irish poetic forms, it's fun once you get the rules down.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Quatrain (or four-line) stanzas
  • Seven syllables in lines one and three; five syllables in lines two and four
  • Lines one and three end with a three-syllable word
  • Lines two and four end with a one-syllable word
  • Rhyme scheme in each stanza: abab

Let's try it out.

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Here’s my attempt at a cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht:

Bucket List, by Robert Lee Brewer

This tale is not compelling,
but it will be sold
to those who are rebeling
against what they're told,

and if their hope's eroding,
what else can be done
to get their faith exploding
into what is fun?


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