April PAD Challenge: Day 9

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Today's prompt is to choose a word (any word) and then write a poem either about that word or using that word in different ways. Be sure to point out which word you're writing about.

Here's my go at it using the word "twister."


I never played the game Twister as a boy,
though it always looked like fun to contort
bodies on a plastic mat covered in bright-
colored dots. "Sex in a box." That's what
Milton Bradley was accused of selling, and,
well, it's hard to argue. As a teen, I didn't
need instructions or experience to imagine
what that game might lead to with the right
girl. Born in the 60s. Like "The Twist"--a dance
that involved not touching your partner, but
instead, putting out an imaginary cigarette
and wiping your bottom with an imaginary
towel. A dance floor filled to capacity with
people who don't touch using their imaginations
to quit smoking and dry off. My brother
could relate chasing his twisters across
tornado alley. Always chasing with his
camera pointed to the skies. Never wanting
to touch or get tangled up. A voyeur
until the end. Another thing I've never tried.