Announcing the Poet's Market 2020!

Poet's Market editor Robert Lee Brewer announces the Poet's Market 2020, including what's included in the 33rd annual edition of the most trusted guide to getting poetry published.
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Poet's Market editor Robert Lee Brewer announces the Poet's Market 2020, including what's included in the 33rd annual edition of the most trusted guide to getting poetry published.

Recently, I received a copy of Poet's Market 2020 in the mail, and I still feel as excited about holding the latest edition now as I did when I held my first edition as the editor (the 2010 edition!). I think it's because I know this is the guide that is specifically focused on poets and poetry—and helping poets get their poetry published.

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I thought about crafting a post that covered all the unique features and reasons to buy this latest edition, but I think my "From the Editor" does a pretty good job of serving that purpose. So without further ado, here's my note:

The great thing about Poet's Market is that it covers so many facets of the poetic world. First and foremost, it's a directory of publishing opportunities for poets with hundreds of listings for book and chapbook publishers, magazines and journals, contests and awards, and more. In fact, that's the reason most folks buy this book. But there's so much more!

This edition of Poet's Market includes advice on the business and promotion of poetry. There are articles on blogging, social media, a 30-day platform challenge, anatomy of a poetry book, how to increase odds of publication, and more.

Plus, there's an excellent craft section, especially the poetic forms article that now boasts more than 75 poetic forms. That's in addition to 101 poetry prompts, how to finish poems, freshen your poetry, and more.

So yeah, it's an incredible resource that's dedicated to helping poets get published. But beyond that, it's dedicated to connecting poets with the world of poetry.

Until next time, keep poeming!

Robert Lee Brewer, Senior Editor

Buy your copy today!

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