Abstract or Sound Poetry

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One thing I would like to do with this blog is present a picture of the different poetic forms available to poets. I will lump all these in the Poetic Forms category in the left-hand toolbar. By knowing the different forms, you can experiment and ultimately grow as a poet and as a writer.

In this post, let's look at Abstract or Sound Poetry. Apparently, abstract was a term used by Dame Edith Sitwell to describe poems in her book Facade. There are different definitions provided below, but this form of poetry is more about how sounds, rhythms, and textures evoke emotions than about the actual meanings of words.

For instance:

My rat-a-tat-tat hat
was smacked and whacked
by Thedulius Jack-a-bat-snat
while holding his gat.

Obviously, the draw of these lines is the sounds produced more than figuring out who is doing what. Abstract or Sound Poetry is definitely a fun form to play around with.

And as promised, here are some definitions to check out (for poets who need meanings):